IrishCentral readers found examples of a€?No Irish Need Applya€? ads in papers, shared family stories of discrimination.
Since the story broke of the Washington, DC teenager who used Google and her own smarts to prove that a€?No Irish Need Applya€? signs  were a very real part of Irish American history, IrishCentral readers have been sharing their own NINA-related findings and stories. Yesterday, we asked readers to send in archival discoveries, and you did a€“ with examples from California to Australia, from the 1700s to more recent history. She also pointed us to a blog post by Susan Arthure, an Irish archaeologist living in Australia, which cataloged a search for a€?No Irish Need Applya€? cases in 19th and 20th Century South Australian newspaper archives.a€?The earliest ad I found in South Australia was from 1852 where Mrs. Here are some of your examples:From Australia, reader Marea Whitley shared some instances of NINA signs and a bit about the encounters of her Irish grandmother and mother. Nelson of Franklin Street, Adelaide promised good wages to a servant of all work, but no Irish need apply,a€? Arthure wrote.

If one Irish servant maid commits a fault, is that a reason that all other Irish girls must be bad?
Those who write those illiberal and foolish advertisements ought to remember that the misconduct of a few can afford no ground for insulting a whole nation; and a nation like Irelanda€”renowned for the virtues of her females, and the genius and generosity of her sons. McEllister posted his own classified ad, drawing the attention of Irishmen in South Australia to the discriminatory solicitation.Personal ads included a€?NINAa€? stipulations, too, she found. That American cannot be patriotic who would deliberately offer an insult to the country of General Montgomery and Commodore Barry. One example she found was of two young men from the country looking to correspond with marriage-minded young ladies a€“ provided, of course, they were not Irish. When we were making the great struggle for our liberties, were we not nobly assisted by IRISHMEN?a€?a€?Irish Catholics Need Not Applya€? a€“ while seen less frequently, was also a restriction that existed.

Edward Ryan Stewart of Brooklyn wrote to us that the phrase had been passed on to him through collective family memory, and that a search of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle archives did yield one ad stating just that, from 1882. Kennedy, born in 1893 in Baltimore, of Irish immigrants, was a Democratic Congressman from the 2nd District in Maryland from 1931-1940.a€?On the west coast, Elizabeth Creely found the following ad in the August 11, 1879 edition of the Sacramento Daily Union.
A few weeks rolled by and Mayor Poucher was called upon to appoint four Fire Commissioners.

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