Good and evil tattoo designs used to create a dichotomy between the images for a deeper, unified direction to create. The effect of the overall design, the combination of a symbol of good and a symbol of equality of evil is that both exist in the world.
Good and evil tattoos often the balance of these two forces in the world without evil to represent, there would be no goodness. This representation, angels and demons, and evil, has a long history in many religions and faiths around the world. While the tattoo designs good and evil to spread a little less than other unique designs, these tattoos have a long history and traditional conventions.
It is impossible to be good and bad, tattoo designs, discuss without prejudice to the compound is the yin-yang tattoos. Yin-Yang symbol, all in harmony with one hand, nothing is perfect yin or yang, but all things are the two characteristics.
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These tattoos are good and evil, as abstract ideas, symbolized in a variety of interesting and creative ways. Occult groups in contemporary Tibetan art to Roman Catholic cathedrals, angels and demons or demonic beings have been fighting for centuries things. Good and evil tattoos are sometimes separated into good and bad tattoo, but it will look uniform in color, style and size, and each is placed on a shoulder blade, pick your hand or foot, creates distance between the two, but always focused on the balance. Have you ever seen a cartoon where a character is a big decision (to obey you and follow the rules) would have had to do, there is suddenly an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other hand, seen together? He is able to choose, but the two animals weigh the pros and cons, decide to help, as they seduce you or the moral thing to do. In Japanese tradition, the yin and yang, like a phoenix and the dragon represented, and these animals are often tattooed, so that the same balance, we see the good and bad tattoos. Classic symbols of angels and demons are often non-religious beings to adapt or even lifeless objects, more humorous and creative interpretations of the same basic design.

However it is important to understand that developed in opposition of good and evil, yin or yang as either good or bad. The angel is synonymous with goodness and divinity, while the devil is against sin and temptation. For much of the tattoo, angel wings halo are used, often harps and gold to represent the image as angels.
The balance is clear, and the person is able to express characteristics of both good and bad, a polarity that exists within each of us in the theory.

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