One of six different covers that portray aspects of the Ohio University and Athens communities.
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Brand Identity: As the venerable icon of regional home healthcare, and with 96 years of caring for all ages of the local community, the Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association rebranded with the goal of serving a broader range of surrounding communities. Different from traditional techniques on familiar materials of oil, lacquer or acrylics, printing paintings are conducted on wood, digital print, litho aluminum, rubber carving, mezotine or on truc chi paper. Moreover, graphic design or printing art pieces can still depict many themes and ideas like in other genres.

The artworks are on display until July 12 at the association, 218A Pasteur Street in District 3.
A landslide occurred early today in Can Tho City's Cai Rang District, sweeping away three houses and more than 50m of a road into the River Can Tho. Nguyen Thi To Uyen, who placed first at the Hanoi Industry University's finals, started her first working day in June. I merged the 2-dimensional digital and the 3-dimensional tactile in such a way as to open a dialogue illustrating the position of the graphic design community within this academic institution. With the highest patient satisfaction rating of any home healthcare agency in the area, they now provide theirĀ  services to 13 surrounding communities from New Canaan to Southbury, Connecticut.

Led by Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Cindy Malon, the result was these sketchbooks that incorporates imagery from their beloved university. Interactive, twisting elements were added to expand that accessibility of the design, creating a sense of networking within the visual plane, becoming suggestive of networks and communities at Ohio University.

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