Digital SynopsisDigital Synopsis showcases the best ideas in design, advertising and visual communication. We at DS come across a lot of memes, comics and artworks that offer a hilarious look into the life and mind of a graphic designer. Hello, I'm a visuals artist offering my services in Graphic Style, Picture, and Principle Art. Whether you’re a freelance graphic designer or working with a larger organization, part of your job is to manage expectations of what can be delivered and when it can be completed. If you’re a freelancer, the best place to start managing client expectations is with the projects and clients you take on. Chris is my best experience with graphics, web and creative design that I have personally experienced.
It didn’t take long to realize the value of referrals, and to put it into perspective I decided to make a client tree!
Where others see barriers in purposeful graphic design, print, website design, video services, branding, photography and social media, we see ladders and bridges that haven’t been built yet.  Where others see generic design we see opportunities to push forward and creatively display the defining characteristics of your company to both your clients and your community.
Graphic design, website design, marketing and creative solutions to corporate image is our life. We report on the latest creative trends, marketing innovations, design tips, humour and more.
We understand the importance of a Professional Logo Design in developing your Company Brand Identity. Creating websites or doing other design work for clients can be very demanding and time-consuming.

During the vetting process, you can often get an idea for who will be difficult clients or who will likely be easy-going. She is a writer and photographer based just outside of Minneapolis, with a BA in English from the University of Minnesota. He is very gifted with the Wordpress platform, does quality work rather quickly and is fun to work with.
We believe that only after you truly understand something can you then be creative with it.  It is through this change in perspective – this paradigm shift – that we can help you express the best of your company through its branding and marketing strategy. Our goal is to provide Calgary and the surrounding areas with an unparalleled marketing service that works.
If you can manage clients and their expectations, you can complete your jobs more quickly and with fewer hiccups, as well as potentially take on more projects with the extra time you may free up.
The worst thing you can do with a prime prospect is to give them unrealistic expectations yourself. Imagine that you have placed an order for coffee with milk and sugar, but when it’s delivered, it’s a coffeehouse latte with the perfect amount of sweetness.
If you’re aware of the potential pitfalls, you can weed out the troublemakers in the beginning or, if the project sounds like something you want to work on, you can steel yourself for a potentially bumpy ride.
Break the job down into stages, outline how many concepts will be created, and how many rounds of revisions they can expect for your proposed price.
Or you rented an economy vehicle, but when you showed up, they handed you the keys to a performance sports car? Sometimes, though, difficult clients can push you to greater heights, so the turbulence could be well worth the effort.

Start a new journey with a company that cares about you, your business, and the world around you. One of the best ways is to get to know them is to ask questions that will help you get to the heart of what they want, why they want it and when. Keep your client up to date on progress, check in with them often to make sure you’re not heading down the wrong path. It’s one thing to promise you’ll deliver by a certain date; it’s something else to promise that their shiny new website will double their leads.
If you under promise and over deliver, you can set your customers’ expectations – then exceed them. Set stages for yourself so you’ll have certain things complete by specific times, so you know you’ll finish by your deadline. Additionally, if there has been a misunderstanding along the way, don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong. You may not be able to add chocolate to your client’s website, but you can set your expected finish date at a later time, then finish the project early. You don’t necessarily have to share every detail of your day with your client, but do be sure to clue them in to review meetings and edit requests. Also, try to listen carefully to what they say and want and include it in your plan – having to go back and correct or change something costs you time from finishing this and other projects.

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