Computer Doctors is a professional graphic design company with a long standing reputation for providing outstanding results. Computer Doctors creates brand communications that engage your audience, at every touch point, for the growth and success of your business. Web, print, interactive and event communications each have a unique way of connecting with your audience. We help clients build new brands from the ground up, transform brands with mistaken identities, or revitalize brands that have lost their sizzle. Our work may involve something as simple as a holiday e-card, or a multi-faceted marketing communications program that develops with the client’s needs over months or years. Since the cave dwelling days through to today's electronic age, mankind has always tried to communicate through image and graphics.
Due to its history, Zadeh Designs is in an enviable position to have an in-depth knowledge of most media used in Graphic Design. The images an organisation uses to portray itself can have a very powerful impact on the way that organisation is viewed and perceived.
For further information about our Graphic Design services, please complete the form on this page, or alternatively you can give us a call on 1 300 858 107. The team at Diva Marketing Solutions can help you grow your business, effectively, efficiently, professionally and affordably. Headed by Leonie Hunt, a business woman with over 25 years sales, marketing and management experience, our services are flexible to match your needs. Graphics is the main thing that you have to keep in mind while creating a website and promoting stuff online. While working with our IT Company, I ensure you that we can provide best graphic designing wok to our clients at very economical rates.
So, feel free to outsource your graphics related work to our website and let your imaginations become a reality via our graphic designers. The best graphic designers should possess expertise and knowledge about what type of designs sell and have more appeal. Branding, packaging, motion graphics, grid systems, letterpress, Saul Bass, Barack Obama, Coca-Cola, and (yes) even Comic Sans.

GDR provides a well-rounded mix of history, work, and references (even with a section dedicated to blogs), which should be indispensable for new designers and a useful reference for any seasoned expert. Perhaps a better way to explain the book is with our elevator pitch: If you find yourself in the sole company of graphic designers, this book will likely address every professional subject that might arise, giving you enough information to laugh at an inside joke or nod in knowing agreement at a thoughtful reference. The sheer size of GDR may seem overwhelming at first (expect a lot of content, and very little whitespace), but some consideration is added to make reading it feel less linear and more like an interactive experience. Name the two creative leads behind the graphic system of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
The Design Museum in London, established in 1989, had a previous incarnation within the Victoria & Albert Museum, what was its name? Our services combine the disciplines of brand strategy, ideation, design and technology into a unified effort. What sets us apart is our expertise at developing brand strategies and communications that skillfully leverage every appropriate media channel.
Successful communication relies on the designer's knowledge of the vehicle used to transmit the idea.
Whether a company logo, a web page or a page in print, our past experience allows us to utilise the avenue to its maximum potential. Zadeh Designs can help analyse, clarify and create visual solutions to communication needs. With extensive experience in print and digital media, we can also ensure the best possible utilisation of graphics for these areas. Get in touch with Leonie today, for an obligation-free discussion on how best to grow your business.
Graphic Design, Referenced is an ambitious new book exploring nearly everything relating to graphic design. People who require no introduction for the majority of us that have been reading their blogs like Brand New and (the recently departed) Speak Up for years. The book features hyperlink-like reference notes scattered throughout, allowing the reader to jump around the book and find related content as they please. For more on Under Consideration, check out their website and their recent interview from Read Between the Leading.

We like to talk about graphic design, branding, typography, and sometimes we might post a video or two. We foster communication through smart, strategic design services that elevate our clients and exceed their goals.
Every brochure, banner ad, website and Flash becomes an integrated part of your total brand communications program across all media. We can help you bring digital thinking to the core of your brand communications strategy at a pace that fits your marketing objectives. To produce great results, a designer may use typography, visual arts and page layout all combined together to enhance the understanding capabilities of the message the clients want to communicate to the world. A nice touch not unlike browsing around Wikipedia—but with prettier pictures of course. Grab our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter where we post the extra bits that don't make it here. Computer Doctors always strives for the best representation of our customers’ most sophisticated ideas, trying to achieve every goal in the most creative and presentable way. Graphic designs are generally used in so many fields such as logo designs, package designs, business cards designs, brochure designs, website designs, etc. Website design, Logo Design, and Web development are supplemented with a range of other services, including expression of your corporate identity on Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, T-shirts, Billboards, Street Banners, Signs, and Print Media. Creation of your corporate identity is one of the highly professional services of our graphic design team, which offers several packages to choose from. Being an outstanding company, our online IT Company also has a great team of graphic designers.
Let Computer Doctors help you achieve the highest possible results for developing a corporate brand.

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