Here are 8 different tips that will help you manage your digital footprint to make certain the tracks you’re leaving aren’t later used against you. Graphic design tutorials : graphic design software, All graphic design resources is a directory full of tools for graphic designers all graphic design portal is a graphic design education directory with resources. Graphic design blog blog general graphic design, Graphic design tutorials, graphic design news and information by a freelance graphic designer in northamptonshire uk. If you're applying for jobs in the design industry then something that will massively help your cause is putting together a graphic design portfolio. As the jobs market continues to get more and more competitive it's hugely important to make yourself stand out as much as possible.

Pick the right case When putting together your portfolio we first suggest a case for your portfolio that looks professional and accurately represents the size of the pages that are inside.
If you follow our simple tips then you should produce a much cleaner and more well-rounded graphic design portfolio. Keep up to date with the latest landing page design trends of 2016 and take your web designs to the next level.
All in variety of different styles; hand-sketched, painted, 3D, wood, water colour, retro or even floral. In this guide we are going to talk you through the best methods for putting together a portfolio that will get you noticed and get you your dream job.

Speak to former lecturers, professionals, or anyone you think will be able to help you get noticed.

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