Graphic designing can be defined as a creative field, in which words, symbols and images are combined in order to represent the data’s and information in an innovative manner. A graphic designer is a professional who combines the concepts of page layout, typography and visual arts in order to create a piece of information. The hierarchy basically consists of three levels of professionals such as senior level professionals, middle level professionals and the initial level professionals. The art director is responsible for designing advertisements, brochures, websites and various other promotional materials for the businesses. The professional takes part in the development of various broadcast promotional materials, presentations and a wide variety of on-screen graphics. Come with the minimum education requirements which is a Bachelors degree plus 3+ years experience in advertising and marketing, design, exhibit design, and graphic design for the Graphics Designer, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. Digital media expansion has provided numerous opportunities for those interested in layout, design and the overall look of visual images. The Newhouse School offers eight undergraduate majors that prepare students to lead and innovate in today's communications industry. Graphic design is being implemented in designing the logos, in various advertisements, in product packaging and in the film making industries etc. This article describes in details about the hierarchy of graphic design jobs and the respective job responsibilities. Below is the description of all types of job titles present in a graphic design industry and the posts, having their respective senior and junior titles in their respective departments.
The professional manages a team so as to develop attractive advertising campaigns and products. The art directors supervise the production artists and reports to the creative director regarding the status of the projects.

The main aim of the brand identity design is to enhance the marketing prospects of the company. They find out and implement various innovative ways in order to express the messages of a company in terms of eye catching logos and designs. The professionals develop content in various formats for distribution in the various communication channels. The designers design and manage all the pages of a website and also put contents on the pages. Typical starting jobs are in basic page layout and design at newspapers, production departments of magazines and web design at new media firms. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for part-time, full-time, freelance or even ‘traditional’ design work, you can find almost everything you need in  just a few clicks. They help in marketing the products and services of a particular client company by developing unique logos. Some graphic design majors may find other opportunities in advertising, public relations and related services.
Even if you don’t need a job today, it is still worth researching in case your situation was to change in future. Java Script, Dreamweaver and HTML with the ability to "raw code" is some of what you need to know. You will find all the job listings have been screened before being placed into a daily e-newsletter which is really convenient.
There are a number of graphic design jobs available though one downside is that this website is geared towards an American audience. It is a fairly straightforward network and the clients on the site typically look for ‘high-end’ talent.

The site has a number of jobs for web designers and graphic designers and it costs only ?5 a month (+ VAT) though you do need to join for a minimum of 4 months at first. Whether you are looking for a part-time, summer or casual job, this website can help you find what you need. It was surprising to note there were thousands of availabilities in almost every sector and the website makes it easy to filter you choices via sector, keywords and location.
As well as offering part-time roles and internships, there are also graduate and full-time jobs if you are interested. It uses a host of innovations to ensure companies and candidates find what they are looking for. You can filter your search to view only the most recent job openings in the UK and browse according to location. An estimated 88,000 jobs are made available each month on the website in all industries and graphic design jobs are always open.
Virtually all the top companies and agencies in the UK use Monster as they search for the perfect employee.
This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. It seems so far the most successful for me.If you could, I would like to know your opinion in details. I’m trying currently struggling to work effectivly as a graphic design freelancer and I need more information than my personal experience.Once again great work and thanks for sharing!

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