This post is an information capsule for every fresher and the experienced savvies that are looking for a job switch. If the resume design is too simple that it can’t hold the recruiter’s eyes then you won’t get a SERIOUS attention and will surely be a member of ‘TRASH PARTY’. To answer all your questions; I am providing you the collection of Best Creative Graphic Design Resumes. Download Infographic Resume PSD Template for FREE by entering your Email Address at the bottom of these post. This amazing resume design 2012 is enough to present your creativity with the aid of your resume. Yet another simple and Awesome Resume design; this awesome resume design can be used by any job seeker. If you are a girl and looking for a designer or a developer job then this Best resume sample will suite your personality and work.
This creative resume designed by Suarez is incorporated with impressive classic background. If you are confused while choosing between an infographics and typographic resume design then this Resume design 2012 could clear up your hassle. Give a green statement to your resume; this latest Graphic resume design is very attractive and simple way to project your resume. If you are looking for a compact yet attractive resume design then this latest resume design 2012 is the end for your all searches. This resume design is very simple and striking way to present your skills and eligibilities. Make an impressive statement of your resume design with the artistic resume design by LordGabsta.
Give a refreshing and attractive look to your resume with the help of this Professional Resume Sample. Put the garnishing ingredients of creativity in your resume to capture a special attention from the recruiters. Filled with impressive colors of orange and blue; this resume design 2012 could be an effective and astounding inspiration. If you want to look different from the stack with your resume then this amazing resume design template could be your tool for that.
This latest resume design infographic is very striking and can capsule all the details of your career.
If you are still looking for a ‘completely out of league’ resume design then this best resume layout design will put a smile on your face.
We hope the information and inspiration in this post “Examples of Creative Graphic Design Resumes Infographics 2012”above will allow you to create your mind-blowing Infographic Resume! A bit from the above mentioned link: Your resume can be even more worthy than your portfolio, when you are in quest of a job. Well, there are ways to edit PSDs without Photoshop but quite honestly, none of them work perfectly.
The first step in order to get a job as a graphic designer is having your portfolio online, in case you still don’t have it, then you might want to take a look at our article on how to build your online portfolio.
We are graphic designers, we’re not aspiring for an accounting or secretary position, hence our resume cannot be the same as theirs, which is usually built upon a preset template in Microsoft Word.

It’s OK to have a 72 dpi resume to upload in your website or share with your friends. In some companies, the crew selection is made by people inside the design business, though in many occasions, the big companies after the preselection phase is finished decide to pass over all the resumes to the Human Resources department, where your resume is going to be seen by people who have no clue about design and the only thing they want is not wasting any time trying to figure out what you tried to transmit in your resume with those crazy designs. Nobody is going to stop reading with detail the long paragraphs on your resume, so put only the important stuff and be as brief as possible. If your thing is children illustration, make sure that as soon as they see your resume, people can realize what your specialty is without having to read a single word. Richardini Zapata (51 Posts)I'm a Graphic Designer from Colombia who doesn't like coffee unless it's a nice smoothie with sweet condensed milk. Illustrator BasicsRight now we are working really hard in our first e-book about Illustrator.
Also, see our cover letter database as well to get great cover letter writing and formatting tips. Resume represents your personality to the recruiter that too capsule in just a few hundred words. If it’s too lengthy then the probability that the authority won’t check the proceeding pages is ‘MAXIMUM’. You too can get inspired from these amazing resume designs to make a dazzle statement with the aid of your resume. Beside with providing impressive graphics; this resume design enables you to present your all basic information. With the help of these resume designs; you could provide a detailed information in a stylish fashion. This impressive resume design is incorporated with the typographic theme that makes a dazzle. In this resume example all the relevant information is encapsulated in an innovative manner. This attractive Resume sample had impressively integrated both Typography and infography in one.
If you too want to pour your love for music in your resume; this is all what you are searching for.
If you too want to paste an impressive statement of your work and creativity then this design could be a stylish way. This attractive resume design 2012 could be a great source of inspiration for that ingredient. This best resume design is incorporated with an innovative thinking and designing creativity. The resume for photographers are very rare; if you are too tired after searching an ideal resume for your photography career then this resume is all what you need. If yes then this Free Resume Sample could be your guide to fill your passion into your resume.
If you too love creativity at its peak then I can bet that you too will put your thumbs up for this resume design. And don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Pixel2Pixel Design on Twitter + Facebook (100% Spam Free!).
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Suresh, you seriously just made my day, and potentially have changed the path of my career. If you have trouble operating that too, that means you’re not much familiar with designing softwares.
If a graphic design aspirant sends a resume built upon a Winword template, he will be immediately eliminated without reading a single word about his accomplishments and excellent preparation. But when you’re about to send it to a company, then a 300 dpi version is the best option, many companies tend to print the preselected resumes to socialize them with other people inside the company, so if yours gets pixelated when printed, it will go straight to the trash can. This does not mean that your resume should be in black and white, just make sure that it does look good at even the poorest printing conditions. That’s why we suggest you to share your resume before sending it to the employer with a couple of friends and people that can give you some real feedback and can help you improve your resume in terms of design and content. So if you are not so good with grammar and spelling, take the job of asking other people to help you out with this, so you can be sure that everything’s fine and you can send it, otherwise it will go straight to the trash can.
Some companies only ask for a physical portfolio and if they do, you can attach it on a cd, an USB or a small book with your main works included (personally I prefer to carry the cd so they can keep it). If you have decided to include a picture (some companies ask for it while others don’t), show them how you really are, let the photo show more than just the physics and give them a little bit of your personality, though you cannot cross the line by putting a picture of your ultimate binge or a nude picture showing all your attributes.
If you want to inform that you’re really good at making infographics, then why not making your resume as a nice infographic?, just be creative and harness your abilities.
Although I love photography and illustration, my true passion is UI Design and football (soccer). If you have any idea or is there any topic that you want us to talk about, just Drop us a line! These Graphic Design Resume Samples will propel you light years ahead of your job competition. Use the templates below as a guide to create the perfect resume.
But a recruiter has to select just a few exceptions after clearing a lot of resume piles from his desk.
If you too are looking to impress the recruiter team with your resume then this design could be a stylish move.
This is the natural order that most companies follow on their selection processes, when they receive the emails from all the aspirants, first they take a glance at their portfolios and they start discarding people without even looking at their resumes. The employers often download all the resumes and then look one by one, so if you want them to remember yours, make sure that you include your name on the file.
Then you can modify your resume by simplifying the parts that presented more difficulties at the moment of reading the document. If you’re a graphic designer you need to show your abstraction and synthesis capacity. If you’ve actually had to hire someone before, it can be a daunting task not only to review hundreds of resumes in a short timespan, but to eliminate 99% of them. The ones with interesting portfolios are worthy of having their resumes checked, then another part of the aspirants is discarded based on the resume design.

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