Your company’s website ought to be as captivating as possible in order to entice future clients and keep existing customers feeling protected and dedicated. Graphic design refers to more than simply creating an attractive logo – it contribute to the comprehensive feel and visual aspect of your online visibility. Building an identifiable brand is one of the most necessary things you might do to lead your business to success. Some best techniques for graphic design include: adjusting color schemes to appeal to your target audience, deciding on fonts that are understandable and consistent, clarifying your online appearance for ease-of-use, and introducing quality images, buttons, or banners to use in all areas of your online marketing strategy. Many companies opt to use mass-produced images or generic templates for their websites as opposed to taking the steps necessary to visualize a unique image. Graphic and web design specialists can give your business complete coverage for all of your online marketing strategy necessities.
Rich Stark (760) 576-4892 - A San Diego web design company is run by Rich Stark, a 15 year veteran of search engine optimization, web design and marketing. In efforts to reduce our carbon footprint Image One takes every opportunity to offer customers environmentally conscious and friendly solutions by expanding our recycled paper selection while still retaining a high degree of quality. Recycled paper products contain recovered fibers, which include pre or post consumer sources, or both. The use of eco-friendly inks and solvents - a mixure of vegetable based and soy based inks in our production which emit very low traces of volatile organic compounds (less than 5% VOCs).
At Image One, we are constantly working with our print vendors to create a greener product. We do not believe that soy based inks is the final solution in the environmental challenge, but we do encourage you to take advantage of these eco-conscious choices. Before the design can be put to paper, we gather all relevant information that will enable us to represent the true character of our clienta€™s business to the targeted audience. If you ended up in this particular corner of the web it's probably because you need some design work completed.
Modern Container is one part architectural beauty, one part responsible living and two parts cool. The Long Haul Photo is a group of wedding photographers and they wanted a logo to represent their company. Talented dressage rider and entrepreneur the client has many ideas regarding fitness training of athletes wanting to take their horseback riding skills to the next level. Jettison is a company born in the wake of the recent economic turmoil in the United States. Fuel Clothing is an action sports brand that was opening retail locations and needed a logo to designate them as seperate from the core brand, however still incorporate the existing feel of "the Biggest Little Company in America." I was asked to design the logo and worked closely with the owner to ensure we met deadlines and still developed a great product.
This is a logo produced for a company that during the product development process went through several name changes, thus never went to market under the OPUS moniker. The parent company SoCal Photos decided to create a new branch of their photographic services and since I designed their current logo, I was hired to create the logo for Camp Pendleton Race Pix.
Latex Grenade is a great local band that has really made a name for themselves by vigorously marketing through social networking platforms such as youTube, facebook and myspace to name a few. As a medium of communication it holds one attribute that digital deliveries can never beat, it's tangible qualities.
Full page ad of aussie surfer Nick Wallace for Sel Shapes Australia, following the look of the S-Core by Salomon and sticking with the blue overlay.
I took this photo of Ry Craike the last time I was on the North Shore and wanted to do something with it. After the successful website project with the Best Boy campaign I was asked to create the DVD inserts and disc graphics. Working closely with members of the band to create a cohesive look for their primary release yielded an exciting album cover that resonates strongly with their demographic of 16-25 year old males.
Working under the art direction of 9Myles I typeset the 15 various product packages and created icons representing the various tools needed to apply the product. Creating a strong brand image and creating traction in the minds of buyers brings reassurance and increased sales.
Holding the CD release party on 9-11 was a bit risky but the poster was compelling and they had a large crowd turnout to celebrate. Wanting to give back to the active military personel the owners of SocalPhotos decided to present a significant discount to enlisted men and women needing wedding photography. The owner wanted a card for himself when bidding jobs but needed to provide cards for his employees as well. Coleman University has recently started a new Gaming Program which is aimed at teaching the basics of the programming of video games.
A local small business which operated at streetfairs and events needed a design for their booth. In order to "catch" more customers, the owner of a successful Guided Fishing Tour company, decided a face lift of his existing site was in order.
Having an already established reputation as a business is one thing, but keeping things fresh in the minds of your customers is another. A great product development company named Jettison had photographs included as part of an exhibition at the MOCA Pacific Design Center. This poster is for a ficticious roller derby event called the Summer Smackdown which would be the first match between the Dixie Darlings and Molly's Maulers. I'm a big fan of the new Dark Knight movie series and wanted some practice with Adobe Illustrator. Needing icons to represent the different tools used in the application of Artec's Kool Roof product I used reference photos provided by the company to recreate each item.
I am fascinated with the idea that everyone has a little evil in them, except me, I'm a saint. This is a concept stemming from a conversation me and a friend had regarding the fact that there is no good "100% Organic, Free Range Unicorn Meat" on the market and we needed to jump on the opportunity. Patterns for the upcoming 2011 Winter Season lineup of gear from Fuel Clothing, "3 Way" pattern of inside lining used on entire outerwear line. Same "3 Way" fabric pattern from the previous slide used in a different application as the top of racing gloves. Another set of boardies for Fuel Clothing in varied color schemes with logo placement callouts. The electric planer is one of the tools required to shape the foam blanks used for surfboards and I incorporated the flame icon into the body of it to represent speed, like the flames from the tips of hot rods. A collaboration with Jettison, the graphics for several snowshoes were created and color pallettes were chosen for the 2011 line, available at retailers such as REI and Costco. Working with a graphic design professional can help you achieve a cohesive and inventive appearance in each of your online marketing campaigns.

Specialist graphic designers can help you develop a cohesive visual message to communicate to the rest of the world. Your brand is what describes your business to the rest of the world – and if it is uninteresting or confusing, it could be keeping you back. Graphic designers have an eye for artistic layout and the ability to translate that through imaging and web design. Some try to take matters into their own hands, which too typically results in low-quality images and sites that are prone to design flaws. An useful web page will help you maintain your existing customers interested, and will likely pull in a new abundance of business. As a result, there are significant environmental advantages of producing recycled paper over non-recycled paper.
VOCs are the fumes emitted into the air from inks, solvents and cleaners as they are used or while they dry.
When new, environmentally conscious products come on the market, we take steps to implement them into our services. Or, you can conveniently ask us online and we'll assist you, according to our privacy policy. Ita€™s a representation of the personality, character and distinctive nature of a company or business. I decided to incorporate a heart inside of the camera lens to represent the love they capture in each photo on a couple's wedding day. She desired a respectable logo that embodied the energetic and intense fitness requirements coupled with the elegance and formality of the niche clientele.
The idea was there from the beginning but the execution took several attempts, with one round of revisions receiving the remark, "I like these but the fish all look dead." Using photos provided by the client I realized all the reference images were in fact, dead fish. Allowing companies to stay afloat by utilizing Jettison and it's existing talent pool to offer supplemental staff and provide the client with an alternative to hiring extra employees.
Developing the bulk of the logos used for the entire line up (15 or so ) which are specific to each model or type and are laminated into the resin of each surfboard. Embodying clean organic products for hair styling and care I think the look and the colors work well in this logo so I decided to showcase it in this gallery. The company covered sporting events ranging from 5K races to tests of endurance such as Triathlons. Basicaly straight to the point with the rooster, however the words set in a stencil typeface elude to the fact that each of the client's chickens are very similar. With several locations and many avenues of advertising, the logo needed to be strong, one color and highly visible at various sizes of reproduction. It's always good to see that my work can help others achieve their goals of brand recognition.
Documenting through pictures the sometimes incredible stacking of recycled materials by local garbage pickers. Paper and other surfaces are in the world around us just begging to be touched, held, caressed, torn into and thrown away. Big airs are this guys specialty so it seemed only fitting to use a picture of him boosting above the lip. I mocked up an ad for Quiksilver to demonstrate my concept abilities, page layout and Photoshop techniques. Reutilizing several of the existing images from the site I made the layouts for all three movies of the series. The composition of images used in the album cover art remained the bulk of initial advertisement efforts for the album such as flyers, online banners and is the identifying image on iTunes.
With several major conventions both here in North America and abroad in Europe the sales staff at PHSMWA needed a staging point to present their products to aviation contractors and related companies. The poster echoed the CD album art and used typographical hierarchy to lead the viewer throught the critical information. Concerned with the cost of providing individual personalized cards for each employee the owner needed a solution that wouldn't break the bank. I produce seasonal mailers for him used to remind the potential and existing clients that it's that time of year again, it's warmed up the pool will be used.
The main fare was boiled peanuts so I piled large amounts all around the bottom of the booth and topped it off with the simple menu items on the top canopy. In celebration of the Thirty Year Anniversary of the Oscar Winning film, Director Ira Wohl decided to re-release the film to DVD. Featuring a gallery and youTube video this site needed to be easy to update but still remain "fun and hip." Special attention was paid to the hand drawn frames and little details that make this site an elegant little work horse. I tucked it in and started coding a modern website for this hub of the corporate web presence.
Some want fancy cars, fancy houses, well the owner of New Blend Pools & Spas wanted to jump start his business by boosting the number of accounts.
This is where I helped, by designing a website to deliver ever changing material such as photos, upcoming show dates and downloadable menus. The company needed to drive traffic to their new website and hired me to create various Adobe Flash animations for the online advertising campaign and several background elements for the corporate website including the header on the index page. These were the billings used to advertise their involvement and help garnish some awareness of the event. Finding a reference sketch by Jim Lee, I digitally inked the piece and found it to be time well spent in front of the computer.
The icons were originally printed on the product packaging and we used varied percentages of Pantone colors to produce the monchromatic color pallete to keep printing costs down.
The idea came from this line of thinking: what is an object that makes me smile, snowmen are always smiling, what would it be like to be a depressed snowman at Christmas time? But we all heard our mothers tell us to stop watching R-Rated movies when we were kids, 'cause they "rot your brain." Well what if that lil' evil inside was fed the poison of horror movies, violence on TV, nightly news broadcasts and all the other corrupting visuals we are exposed to every day.
Realizing we had a gold mine on our hands we decided to post a job opening on Craigslist for an experienced package designer. Made from a custom the "F" is turned as if on a cube, for some reason I was obsessed with Escher and his tesselations for about a week and a half and this is one of the results.
I like to wear them on my hands and feel superior to anyone else on the track, that feeling is even more intense when I am riding alone. There's no way to measure how much soda I could pour into this logo, but if I had to guess I'd say at least a two liter.
High-quality graphics and web design can permit your company to be distinct from your competitors and present your professional disposition.
Obtaining a successful online presence is more important than ever, so you need to be sure that you are projecting a desirable picture of your business so as to increase your popularity and make even more sales.

The logo you choose should be able to adapt with your business’s growth over the years, so make sure you know how it will be used in all of your marketing efforts from email marketing blasts to printed banners or t-shirts. Even the tiniest modifications to your web and graphic design can have more of an impact on customers than you may understand, so be sure that you are being as influential and appealing as possible. By choosing a graphic design service provider, you can be assured that you are going to be given professional-grade design and not a cheap imitation. Graphic design can be included in all areas of your online presence, from email marketing, to mobile web pages, to call-to-action buttons on your homepage.
The advantages create an eco-friendly footprint which consists of a reduced impact on forest resources, reduced air and water pollution, reduced water and energy consumption, and the reduction of solid waste.
One major problem with soy ink is that it takes more time to dry than petroleum-based inks, due to its lack of evaporative solvents in the form of VOCs. As more energy and focus is put on the environment, we feel that more of these products will come to market at a price and quality that we have come to expect. My concept for the logo was to meld the shape of the container with the initials of the company name. After several small revisions to the original concepts we arrived at the final identifying mark for a company that's going places in style. So, I drew one from scratch using references from various photos for the different parts of the fish. With the very nature of the name representing a disposal of unnecessary weight, I kept the letters clean and light, yet powerful enough to leave a lasting impression.
Considerations and restrictions were: one color keeps the cost down, because of the inherent bleeding of the ink details can be destroyed and the logo needs to visually convey the common theme of each type of surfboard. The linear element below the text represents the quickness and efficiency of the company's services.
If you live in Southern California then you've seen the little trucks loaded to capacity with beds, wooden palettes, scrap metal, tires and all kinds of stuff. I have always loved looking through magazines, reading books and examining the many printed pieces I come across each day. This technology allows the shaper to offer reproduceable graphics on his surfboards; this exists with epoxy molded shapes but only recently has it been used by shapers offering custom surfboards. An additional "How To" CD was made for sales reps to aid in explaining the process, I made the disc graphics.
I incorporated large swooping designs to simulate the passing of jets and energize the display booth. The answer was to print a "referred by" line to be included on the card eliminating concerns over employee change ups. With a very modern take on what a wedding invitation should be and how it should be presented my client was very particular with the details, going so far as to hand stitch the heart onto every card.
The idea was to create a simulated computer gaming environment with the underlying grid structure used for the 3D modeling to show just a bit in the foreground. I developed engaging imagery to showcase the subject matter while breaking out of the "Wordpress look of a bunch of squares." SunRain Productions handled the coding. I know he's great at fishing, but I'd like to think the website had just as much to do with his success. The bright colors of the business logo are used to accent the sections against the stark white of the page. Wanting the postcard to be more about the company's ideals than the actual show, the concept of disgarding uneccessary items became the subject of visual debate.
So, if you're a physician saving lives thank you; but if it helps you to look over these drawings of a bladder and uterus while doing so- thank me. Indicating in the posting that we had a great product but as you can see in the photo, "our current packaging does not have enough shelf presence." We got two calls from the post and my friend got a date. If your business logo doesn’t reflect your company accurately, you could end up misrepresenting your services or misinforming clients. Soy inks are also extremely beneficial during the paper recycling process since removing soy ink stains from paper is much easier than other artificial inks.
Check out the pages of my website and youa€™ll find select examples of past work, a bit about me and more; if you think my abilities can help you, contact me. I think the result is very natural looking and with the light weight font representing the name it softens what could have been a very industrial looking icon. The small angle in the upper right represents upward growth, positive direction and eludes to the arrow on a compass. The distressing of the letters adds to the rustic appeal of the logo and was used because I remember driving down country roads and seeing street signs with bullet holes in them as a kid. The challenge with this logo was to escape the sexual conotations envoked by the name and enfuse the idea that mankind has to be careful holding the well being of the world in it's clutches. Having the added bonus of a personalized interaction that must occur between the employee and any customers to whom they may present the card. I'm glad to have pleased the bride and groom with this design and realized one thing- why don't I design more letterpress pieces? The image was made from a composite of twleve images this scene was then color corrected and given the "gaming" look resulting in a pleasingly depressed overtone.
Off Road racing vehicles are rugged, tough and pretty much bad ass- I think the look and feel of the site does the product justice. Adherence to company branding standards allows the website to strengthen the brand's visibility and name recognition within the market. With one more important puzzle piece in place, New Blend happily hired new employees to service the new customers. Depth is achieved with the subtle drop shadow, although I rarely use drop shadows I think it works to focus the viewer's attention on the information. Like the boy in the picture representing innocence, naively adding poison to his brain, tend to your garden. Adding the aggressive body positioning and stylized dorsal fin allowed the fish to come alive.
Furthermore, the waste produced by soy inks does not pose any threat to the environment and can be easily treated using modern methods.

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