Many graduates of our program continue working on discovered problems as part of their research, and embark on successful healthcare industrial engineering careers.
Goal: Design and develop end-user templates which implement the desired Statistical Process Control methods and help quickly detect improvement in readmission rates.
Goal: Provide a tool to a neurosurgery department that would evaluate Physician's Assistant (PA) workload and create an optimal PA staffing model. Despite renewed interest nationally in applying industrial and systems engineering (ISE) to healthcare's many problems, most important problems can only be improved by people actually familiar with health care.

For Northeastern, the program has led to increased visibility, stronger local relationships, research collaborations, and numerous co-publications and grant proposals. 2 Mentors (one PhD student and one healthcare industry professional) will be assigned to each intern for guidance and technical counsel.
This experiential education program, similar in essence to an REU site, is intended to bridge that gap by allowing students from any IE or similar program across the US to spend a summer in Boston working in our Institute. For participating students and health systems, the ~10-fold annual increase in applicants and project requests with zero advertising of the program is further evidence of its value.

Accepted summer fellows join ongoing projects and gain experience applying systems engineering methods to a variety of healthcare problems. Participants work in our Institute for 8 to 12 weeks each summer on two projects aligned with their interests and developed by our industry partners, team-mentored by a senior doctoral student, healthcare practitioner, and faculty coach.

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