Graphic designing is an amalgamation of individual creativity.  Words and images will be clubbed with innovative ideas to make a ‘creative brief’ that shall be used to impress the clients and to attract them to go after the product or service or any such entity that was made as the central plot of the ‘creative brief’. Graphic designers are generally required by animation companies (2D and 3D), ad agencies, film industry, brochure and catalog makers etc. Preparing visual presentations by preparing suitable layouts and design arts by keeping the client’s requirements in mind.
Completes the given project by coordinating with internal and external agencies, client representatives, vendors etc. Maintains the documentation like customer communication, design briefs, minutes of the meetings held etc. Contributes to the overall growth of the organization by achieving the desired results within timeliness.
There could be few additional responsibilities like handling the equipment,  machinery and software that are provided by the company to discharge the duties. Over the last one year, job markets have responded positively with a recorded growth rate of more than 65% when compared to the previous year.
Graphic designer salary is quite lucrative and qualified personnel can earn handsome packages Experience, expertise and specializations are the deciding factors.

Graphic designer job is not a cakewalk except for those who have the zeal, innovative and hardworking. IT sector’s revolutionary communication tools like internet have changed the conventional thought-process of ‘graphic designing’ and paved the way for evolution of a new species of expert called ‘Graphic designer’. Sometimes the services of graphic designer would be needed by federal departments, non-profit organizations and such other services as well. Note that the below job description is of graphic designer at a commercial setup and the actual JD can vary from employer to employer.
As the internet and internet based businesses are doing good at this moment, there is a demand for professionals who have commendable digital skill-sets like graphic designing, web designing etc. The latest salary trends in the USA show that the minimum salary for a new entrant is around $25,000 to $29,000 per annum and can go up to $80,000 to $85,000 per annum. As there is no dearth for packages for right candidates, graphic designing job sector is one of the lucrative ones of overall job market. A person who is very passionate on creative writing with versatile knowledge on Finance, Banking, World Politics, Internet & Marketing, Information Technology, Social Science as well as Travelling.
A person who is very passionate on creative writing with versatile knowledge on Finance, Banking, World Politics, Internet & Marketing, Information Technology, Social Science as well as Travelling.

There came graphic designing companies offering graphic designer jobs with lucrative packages. Designers who are good in communications and can explain the subject with ease can become faculties with universities, colleges, private institutions etc.
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Freelance design jobs are plenty in numbers and can be explore by those who wish to work from home or wants to take up part time assignments.

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