If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly. If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly (or via RSS).
Carnegie fabrics is seeking a detail oriented graphic designer to work within the marketing department part time with potential to go full time.
Projects are diverse ranging from printed materials such as product brochures, sales manuals, and business cards to online banner campaigns and website updates. 50+ Exclusive Graphic Designer Resumes for Ideal Jobs - Dzineblog360 - Design and all about it!Dzineblog360 – Design and all about it!

STATE OF CALIFORNIA JOBS SACRAMENTO GRAPHIC DESIGNERCreative website design daisy sugiyama is seeking graphic.
We are looking for someone who can gather requirements, generate designs and respond to feedback from the team. You should drive projects from initial concept to final production while adhering to critical deadlines. That is exactly they have done it to a mundane job of writing a CV because they have transformed resume designing in to something utterly creative and inspiring.
The list of exclusive graphic designer resumes below will let you believe that they are magicians and appreciate the trend they are setting for themselves in designing trendy resumes.

I know it’s not important to have such a stylish resume while applying for job but my question is why not?
Since, we are not living in print-bound world anymore which means you can send a specially designed resume based on your skills via Internet and let the employer dazzle you at least if not hire you.
Following are some of the best and extraordinary resume designs exclusive for graphic designer I have seen lately.

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