Alcohol abuse and cigarettes are one of the worst possible combinations, greatly increasing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Alcoholism is defined as a diseased condition due to excessive use of alcohol, although due to its cause of many physical ailments, which we have noted above, this may be an appropriate classification, but the problem with this definition is that it ignores the reality that no one ever takes a drink apart from their own volition. Alcoholic addiction begins with a series of bad decisions from a position of weakness, the carnal norms and standards of the conscience.
Because alcohol blurs effective insight into the way alcoholics look on things, it is often impossible for others to reach them about what their drinking is doing until they “hit the bottom” or are confronted with a serious problem. Alcoholic dependence as a syndrome is the result of habitual drunkenness, but not the origin or cause. As the drinking increases from the function of human volition, alcohol has a very toxic effect.
Under the Law of Volitional Responsibility, self-induced misery is created by the soul’s volition.  Hence, the result is wrong thinking, wrong motivation, wrong decisions, and wrong actions. The Washington Post quoted a recent article in Pediatrics by Northwestern University professor Linda Teplin and her colleagues, who studied the violent side effects of alcohol abuse in young people, showed just how detrimental alcohol is in leading people to making even further bad decisions and committing violent crimes. Since alcoholism originates in the volition of the soul as a sin, it can only be cured by the use of that same volition in the soul.
Abstinence: The function of human volition in voluntary self-restraint, refraining from imbibing in alcoholic beverage or taking drugs. Moderation: The function of human volition in keeping within reasonable and proper limits by avoiding extremes or excessive use of alcoholic beverage. Drunkenness: The function of human volition in the excessive use of alcoholic beverage, resulting in a state of intoxication or inebriation. Alcoholism must not be solely defined as a disease; for this ignores the volitional cause of this chemical dependence.
Diseases of all kinds result from perpetual overindulgence and unrestrained use of alcohol. Alcoholism is a perpetual series of bad decisions from a position of weakness resulting in alcoholic dependence. Alcoholic dependence results in both physiological and mental dependence, which obviously destroys the spiritual life. Proper treatment for the alcoholic must be more than a drying-out period and an interlude between binges of drinking. Many alcoholics who recognize they have a problem have great guilt and embarrassment because of their condition. Experience has shown that alcoholism alters rational thinking in most alcoholics as long as they remain drinking. The overwhelming preponderance of experience indicates alcoholism is rarely, if ever, totally cured. All successful drug abuse treatment programs have the same goal: to help drug-dependent people become and remain drug free.
Organizations like AA and their 12 step program, and others, have very successful programs that lead to recovery from alcoholism.
Building & Maintaining Motivation – Help you to identify and keep up with your reasons to quit. Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors – People frequently turn to using drugs to either escape from or avoid addressing problems. Living a Balanced Life – When you abuse alcohol, your life frequently falls out of balance.
Each of these steps in conjunction with the application of God’s Word can lead you to full recovery and spiritual advancement once again. As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and a member of the Royal Family of God, you have an even higher calling in regard to your conduct and daily walk, compared to the unbelievers of this world. In regard to the Four Laws of Christian Behavior, these are important reminders of what your personal responsibility is towards yourself, those around you and God that should provide motivation to stop drinking and be sober with the filling of the Holy Spirit.
On the other hand, the enlightened (mature) believer thought nothing about eating and drinking the food and wine from the temple meat market, because there is not command against it.
In regard to drinking alcohol, if you are in the presence of an alcoholic who cannot control their drinking, then by obligation you too should not drink, even though you have the right to drink. The Law of Love is the function of Impersonal Love toward all believers, including legalists. Therefore, if you are an alcoholic, out of love for your fellow believer, you should abstain from drinking in their presence because your drinking could lead them to commit various mental, verbal or overt sins, including the sin of judging you wrongly. The Law of Expediency is related to the function of the believer as a witness for Jesus Christ.  It is expedient not to drink under certain conditions where the believer is witnessing because it becomes a stumbling block to the one hearing the gospel. Paul had the right to eat and drink anything he wanted, get married and stop working.  But he did not because of the Law of Supreme Sacrifice.
Under the Law of Supreme Sacrifice, (comma) a few normal things in life are set aside when they interfere with concentration on a special ministry or leadership function in life. As Solomon noted in Eccl 2:13, “And I saw that wisdom excels folly as light excels darkness.” Therefore, let us have the wisdom to abstain when necessary and partake when profitable! If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I am here to tell you that Jesus loves you. Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. When your computer crashes, you get an error message, telling you that your computer just crashed. Victoria Siemer, a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, imagines a world where everyday actions and scenes get a computer error message. The photos look like Polaroid pictures, ranging from flowers to people to abstract nature scenes.

I recently began participating in a forum where people upload their photos to be used as subjects for drawings. This painting was inspired by various art styles, such as surrealist, impressionist and stained glass. Over time, heavy drinking can cause involuntary rapid eye movement (nystagmus) as well as weakness and paralysis of your eye muscles due to a deficiency of vitamin B-1, (thiamine). Many believers do not make good decisions from a position of strength because they do not have enough Bible doctrine in their soul to have developed doctrinal norms and standards.
Victims are so dependent on alcohol to function or feel well that they feel there is nothing abnormal about their drinking, and they delude themselves, (perhaps one should say, lie to themselves), that they do not have a drinking problem. Compulsion is a warning to quit now, abstain and stay on the wagon for the rest of your life. While the believer becomes an alcoholic through the use of his or her own volition, there is a point of no return in recovery. The percentage of young people who had alcohol disorders and committed homicide was far greater than those who committed murder and were drug dealers, or those who were gang members, as the chart below depicts.
Ironside notes, “Who can tell the agonies, the broken hearts, the blasted lives, the lost souls that have been the result of failure to heed the warning of the opening verse of Proverbs 20? But when alcoholics become aware of the far-reaching, damaging effects of their condition to their own souls, minds, lives, families, and society, they have more responsibility, not less, for seeking treatment and abstaining from alcohol. Abstinence is not only commendable but a problem solving device of human volition related to both alcohol and drugs. The chances of recovery are good if alcohol abuse or alcoholism is treated in its early or middle stages.
Treatment must be a well-designed program to get the alcoholics back on their feet and started in a new life of sobriety. It is very difficult for them to admit they are different from others who can drink and enjoy a little alcohol. The vast majority of alcoholics simply do not face the reality of their condition and cannot permanently stop drinking without help. Most alcohol experts have found, for practical purposes, that once the “addiction switch” to alcohol (or any other addictive drug) is thrown “on,” it rarely returns to “off,” even after years of abstinence from the drug.
One such program is the “SMART Recovery” program which provides its members with tools and support that they can use to help them recover from addictions – be it alcohol, or other drugs or negative behaviors. You need to learn the problem-solving tools to help you manage the various challenges along the way. Not only are you obligated to live by the Royal Family Honor Code (RFHC) for the Church Age believer, but you also have no less than four laws of Christian behavior by which you must live, as noted in 1 Cor 8-10. But food will not commend us to God.  We are neither the worse if we do not eat, nor are we any better if we do eat.
Biblically the believer has a right to do certain things which are not sinful, and will not tempt the strong believer to sin.
Nevertheless, the enlightened believer has a responsibility not to offend the ignorant believer as long as it does not encourage legalism.
In addition, if you are drinking in the presence of a non-alcoholic, but legalistic person who believes any drinking is a sin, then you are not under obligation to stop drinking and should use your responsible drinking as a teaching opportunity.
This is impersonal love toward the “weaker brethren.” The Law of Love says to refrain from your liberty as a Christian when it leads a weaker believer astray. When she graduated, she thought she would be a print designer, and then stumbled into being a Web designer.
Although I never intended to incorporate these styles on this painting, I’m very happy with the results.
Heavy drinking can result in inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis), as well as stomach and esophageal ulcers. Excessive drinking can lead to high blood pressure and increases your risk of an enlarged heart, heart failure or stroke. Alcohol interferes with the release of glucose from your liver and can increase the risk of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
Alcohol use during pregnancy may cause fetal alcohol syndrome, resulting in giving birth to a child who has physical and developmental problems that last a lifetime. Excessive drinking can affect your nervous system, causing numbness and pain in your hands and feet, disordered thinking, dementia and short-term memory loss. Excessive alcohol use can make it harder for your body to resist disease, making you more susceptible to illnesses.
Long-term excessive alcohol use has been linked to a higher risk of many cancers, including mouth, throat, liver, colon and breast cancer. Maladaptive behavior includes mocking, brawling or fighting, (verbally or physically), erring or straying as we have noted in Prov 20:1, or even impaired judgment and interference with social or occupational functions. The believer manufactures the problems of alcoholic dependence through the function of his own volition. No other vice has so cursed the world and caused such awful misery and suffering as intemperance. Abstinence requires the use of the same volition that started the habitual drinking to the point of alcoholic dependence.
It is difficult to give up something that seems so essential to coping and feeling better in their lives. This is why alcoholics in treatment are educated to call themselves a “recovering alcoholic.” They can never safely return to even moderate social drinking.
Once people become addicted to alcohol, they are highly susceptible to addiction to all other drugs that work in a similar fashion. There program is a 4-Point Program® designed to help you overcome your problems with abusing alcohol and quit drinking.

As such, if you have a problem with any category of sin in your life, including drunkenness, you are obligate to overcome that category of sin, and live by the RFHC and the Four Laws of Christian Behavior.  If you are drunk on a consistent basis, you are unable to fulfill these laws as part of your Christian walk. If it is a new believer, then the liberty of the mature believer could become a stumbling block when the new believer witnesses the mature believer partaking of the meat.
Finally, if you are an alcoholic, you should never drink, especially in the presence of new or immature believers. The Law of Love avoids offending or putting a stumbling block in front of a weaker believer by doing something legal like eating meat or drinking alcoholic beverage.
There are times when the unbeliever will superimpose certain standards on the believer, and expect him to comply with those standards because he is a Christian. It generally applies to mature believers to forsake normal living and legitimate functions in life in order to serve the Lord in some special way.
After years of heavy drinking, hepatitis may lead to irreversible destruction and scarring of liver tissue (cirrhosis). This is dangerous if you have diabetes and are already taking insulin to lower your blood sugar level.
The Greek word ASOTIA in Eph 5:18, which is translated dissipation, means a wild and disorderly lifestyle, excessive drinking as a lifestyle.
These are all bad decisions that result from making a first wrong decision to drink excessively. It is not a disease that forces a person to drink, but a sin or a series of sins, the perpetuation of the sin of drunkenness. The blind side of alcoholism is the fact that the alcoholic continues to drink and becomes addicted. Irrationality sets in, so that the person is no longer aware of the physical, mental and spiritual disasters which have overtaken him. Those who laugh at jokes about drunkenness should go out after nightfall through the dark streets of our large cities to see the disastrous results of this vice. When alcohol takes over, the believer is no longer in control; the alcoholic beverage has now taken control.
If alcoholics continue drinking, most will continue to deteriorate emotionally and physically. Quitting “cold turkey” for these people could cause withdrawal symptoms that could be life-threatening.
You need to learn the skills necessary to balance both short and long-term goals, and the pleasures and needs that were once out of balance due to drug abuse.
Therefore, it is imperative that you overcome the sin of drunkenness within your life by first Rebounding, (1 John 1:9), then relying upon and trusting in the filling of God the Holy Spirit, then consistently take in God’s Word, and finally, consistently apply His Word including the application of the 11 Problem Solving Devices, the Royal Family Honor Code and the Four Laws of Christian Behavior.
Yet, in regard to 1 Cor 8, new believers and believers without doctrine only have carnal norms and standards in their conscience. Therefore, the mature believer is obligated to abstain from eating the meat in the presence of immature believers who are not yet enlightened to the liberty that God has given to them in the Church Age. The Law of Love is generally directed toward new believers who are ignorant of doctrine or toward believers who are distracted by legitimate functions.
Every believer is a minister of reconciliation and must refrain from doing things, not because they are wrong, but because they prevent some unbeliever from seeing the true issue of salvation. Heavy drinking can damage your pancreas, which produces hormones that regulate your metabolism and enzymes that help digestion, and lead to inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). The believer’s volition is in control as long as he or she uses that volition to either abstain or drink in moderation. Most of them won’t die directly as a result of alcohol’s ravages to the organs of their body but to accidents caused by their drinking. In addition, you need to actively seek out and participate in any appropriate treatment or programs you may need.
In addition, if the mature believer’s abstinence encourages legalism, then the mature believer has no responsibility to not offend the legalistic believer. Therefore, alcoholism is chemical dependence and part of Christian immoral degeneracy, and its effects on the body and the soul are a part of the Law of Volitional Responsibility, and can result in falling under the three stages of Divine discipline.
The means of alcoholism is the individual’s function under the Law of Volitional Responsibility.  Under the law of volitional responsibility, the believer inflicts on himself unbearable suffering through a series of bad decisions from a position of weakness. Therefore, to imply that alcoholism is simply a sickness in itself is to ignore its origin in the volition in the soul and its effects under the Law of Volitional Responsibility. Disease results from alcoholic dependence, and this disease status is the fulfillment of the Law of Volitional Responsibility. The weak conscience makes a taboo out of wine and food which had been sacrificed to idols in the meat market of the heathen temples. In other words, he should eat the meat in their presence to teach them about the freedom and grace they have been given. Those bad decisions come from the carnal norms and standards located in the conscience of the soul. A weak conscience substitutes taboos for the doctrinal norms and standards it does not possess.
Right where you are, you now have the opportunity to make the greatest decision in your life.
To accept the free gift of salvation and eternal life by truly believing that Jesus Christ died for your sins and was raised on the third day as the proof of the promise of eternal life.

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