American Saul Bass has a 40-year career and is definitely one of the most famous graphic designers. The Italian Modernist designer is the co-founder of Vignelli Associates and writer “Vignelli: from A to Z”, a book that describes principles and concepts of good design.
The fist female principal At Pentagram design studio, Paula Scher is a graphic designer, painter, illustrator, educator in design and the 16th person to receive the School of Visual Art’s Masters Series Award.
Best known for his famous corporate logos designs, Paul Rand is one of the most famous graphic designers and one of the originators of the Swiss Style, a graphic design that promotes objectivity and readability. The New York artist studied graphic design at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and later received a scholarship at Pratt Institute.
Inspiration Nowadays, it seems like almost every designer has a personal website to showcase their work. Imagine that the online portfolio is a school performance card and the client is the parent.
It may also seem easy to just plug in a gallery to showcase their work, but what sets them apart from hundreds of similar designers whom are fighting for the flagpole are really simplicity, usability, innovation and uniqueness. Here we discuss 10 pointers which designers might want to consider when creating a foothold on the web and hopefully when carefully considered and well executed, will deliver quality results for their portfolios. You may be tempted to use grandiloquent or unnecessary words to describe your works or profile in hoping to “attract” potential customers. Many single designer has include many other additional services like, web development, marketing, and SEO which may not be their main expertise. Loic Sattler, who is born in the east of France is a rich media designer owns a very remarkable portfolio. Furthermore the outstanding works are overshadowed by the mass number of all your other ordinary works. While, it is good to try out new navigation technique and design appeals, the basic roles of the important field must still be kept.
Speaking to a specific audience allows the designer to become a recognized expert in the field easier. It will definitely make sense to build your portfolio using the technology that you are providing. Max Shaman is a Flash developer and he has clearly show you how he can utilize Flash technology to create a fun and unique website for you.
Providing client’s testimonial and your achievement and awards are effective for persuading those that visit your site to trust you. Basically, you can find out everything about the web designer - Jan Cavan in her about page. While it maybe hard to be totally unique in your design and yet infusing your personality into it, you will make your portfolio not only memorable but incredible. You should carefully consider how to intermingle your extraordinary individual elements into your portfolio without forgoing user usability and disorientating the balance between eminence of your portfolio and the design of the site itself.
By including a blog in your portfolio is another great way for you to connect with your client. A successful designer's portfolio finds that perfect blend of your personality, prominence of work, simplicity, and ease of use to makes your portfolio stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals.
Arun Pattnaik is a creative designer that has decent experiences in the field of designing and consulting. Brent Ayers is a 28 year old web designer residing in Atlanta whom has been designing websites for nearly 10 years. Dries Schaballie is an interactive and graphic designer whom has also founded an agency which specializes in high quality new rich media productions for a varied pallet of clients. Dan Friml is a 38 years old multimedia artist, graphic designer and web designer who is living and working in Prague.
Paul Kadysz is a 22 years old student and freelance graphic designer whom has designed over 100 websites. Gustavo Rodriguez, a graphic designer living at Montreal (Canada) has been a designer for more than 3 years.

Mat Webb is a graphic designer who specialize in web design which was born and bred in Sydney Australia. Chuck Anderson is the founder of NoPattern Studio and is also a designer with numerous quality works. Joao Oliveira is a Portuguese graphic designer and illustrator, born in 1986 and based on Porto, Portugal. Sumeco is the online identity of Dutch designer Theo Aartsma whom has completed his Bachelor of Multimedia in 2006. Justin Maller is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Melbourne, Australia whom has been creating digital art for over eight years. Travis Neilson is a creative director for an advertising agency and also a designer living in Las Vegas. Mike Sullivan is a digital art director and graphic designer with a strong sense of aesthetics and visual identity, with over 13 years experience in print, typography, online and interactive design. Irene Demetri is a Greece based visual communication designer specializing in web design solutions and Youandigraphics is her personal portfolio website. There may be other remedies in creating a successful portfolio but the most important thing here is trial and error. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel. Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE.
The explosion of new brands determine an increased need for graphic materials like logos, posters, websites. He collaborated with some of the greatest filmmakers in the world: Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Otto Preminger and others.
With a vast experience in interior design, graphic design, product design and furniture design, Vignelli uses basic geometric forms in his art work to achieve sublime simplicity. A teacher at the School of Visual Arts since 1992, the American Institute of Graphic Design and various international associations awarded her with more than 300 prizes. The Yale University professor is responsible for the logos of IBM, UPS, ABC and Steve Job’s NeXT. What designers want their parents to see in the performance cards depends entirely on them. Sometimes it might turn out otherwise, customers would not want to read a lengthy opening introduction of your works when most of the words you uses need to be check with a dictionary.
If you can use seven words instead of thirty words while bringing the same message across and accomplishing your goals, you might consider cutting down unnecessary words. He has showcased the most quality of his works in his portfolios which he wanted others to see. Though she has decided to only showcase some of her creativity in her portfolio, they are especially of high standard.
You would not want your clients to search more than a few pages to find a way to contact you or view your works.
He has design a creative website yet not sacrificing the easy navigation and accessibility. It will be good to let your clients know in advance what kind of person they will be dealing with and the style of your work. Refrain from boasting and promising things that you can’t deliver, it is not only waste unnecessary time but damage your reputation and brand. Targeting a specific market can differentiate your services and makes you more likely to stand out which increase your success rate to clinch jobs in a specific niche and being perceived as an expert in that area will increase. He has target his market well by designing his site in a style that is in tune with the services he is providing. Simplifying your portfolio as much as possible will ease the time you’ll have to spend on upgrading or making changes to the website. If you are using contact form then they should be easy to use without complex Captcha to frustrate your clients.

It helps to build confidence with your target market to clarify your role in the projects you present in your portfolio. It also increases the level of professionalism when tastefully incorporating into your portfolio and each of it should be directed to the source in order to create credibility and authenticity.
Being remarkable in the design of your portfolio often means bringing to fruition the personal design taste unique to you that has been cultivated over the years.
By using your name as the domain name of your portfolio also enable you to be recognize and remember easily. Your portfolio is likely to change several times as you develop different projects over the course of your career. So it’s important not to restrict the capability of your portfolio but to create a readily expandable portfolio when the needs call upon. Now with the pointers, we’ll showcase 25 beautiful and creative designers’ portfolio that have make an impact on us. He is pretty active in various social websites and most web fanatics would have long hear of his name.
She is currently working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology. He enjoys creating functional websites and is particularly engrossed in all the tiny details mixed together to construct great user experiences.
We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. We even use graphic design for simple things like bubble gum wrap, T-shirts and credit cards. He is also known for his film posters, corporate logos, title sequences and motion pictures designs. Sagmaister is known for his work in graphics, branding, packaging and the album covers designed for clients like The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Lou Reed and David Byrne. Online portfolios are certainly effective but most of them required a bit of technical knowledge to develop which may not be the core expertise of some designer. While there are readily tools and templates to make their life easier, such selection won't label them as a bright student. If you think your clients would be impressed by the amount list of work you have done instead of the quality attributes. However, sometimes if you show too many types of work or try to show too much work of a similar type, you might overwhelm the user. The more you target your design to a specific type of client, the more it will speak to the visitor within that market. Whereas when you are providing JavaScript or CSS services and there are none of the JavaScript or CSS techniques found in your sites, it may not seem convincing and even be contradicting if your site is build on Flash. You can also utilizing a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress to enhance your portfolio and make your site easy to update and edit.
Tell your potential clients when will you be available for hire so that they can arrange for the schedule.
You want to incorporate certain services in your portfolios like e-Commerce which enable you to sell your templates or icons.
Having an online portfolios is no longer just a showcase of your works but a portal for you to connect and interact with your clients and fans.
Some of the most famous corporate logos are designed by Bass, like AT&T bell and globe logos, Continental Airlines “jetstream” and United Airlines “tulip” logos. If you are looking to entice corporate clients in a conservative industry, then present them with work that is sleek, marketable and looks successful.

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