This low-contrast graphic is subtle enough to support any text or added design, and its complexity will keep viewers' attention.
This image is a scalable vector graphic and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. This seamless background creates a fun pattern out of one of the most popular trends of the last few years. This is a fun background graphic, and as a seamless design, it's endlessly repeatable.

Each flake is carefully sized, patterned, and placed to create a sense of depth and motion.
Several lines of French text also make appearances in speech bubbles or in scrawled cursive. It's not too distracting, and the hip subject matter will keep your audience interested.
The snowfall is superimposed with lightly shaded, tabbed circles, referencing the design of a traditional Christmas tree ornament.

It's a cute concept, and the viewer will enjoy looking through the different moustache styles. This pattern compares the cold beauty of a snowstorm with the warmth of a softly-lit, fully dressed Christmas tree.

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