Upper arm tattoos Designs are very popular among men yet there are more and more women have this kind of art on their body. Cross tattoos have been in vogue for a long time and these look chic and define your character. Sporting an angel of death tattoo is a cool trend with many men inking this design on their upper arms. If you have lost your loved ones and want to sketch their names forever in your mind, what better way than to sport an Angel arm tattoo with the name of your lost one on your arm? Arrows look stylish and when coupled with others of various lengths can add up to your style quotient.
The design looks regal and is influenced by the Chinese who believe in this majestic creature. Tribal arm tattoos have been inked by men and women from a long time and will always look classy and cool. With a big sun inked in black on your wrist and stars surrounding it from all three corners, your arms will become the talk of the town when you go out! This tattoo fits nicely in every fold of your skin and makes the octopus design appear alive and colorful! Some men like to ink their arms with Greek or Roman warrior soldiers and these look funky and very majestic. Skulls are definitely the flavor of this season since these look funky and can be inked by men of all ages.

TweetWhen men get tattoos they often want something very manly, and they want everyone to see it at all times, so it’s no surprise the arm tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos for men. If you have a professional career, opting for a tattoo on the back or leg might be the option for you. A nice looking shoulder tattoo with Ying Yang and tribal looking designs coming out from them. A nice chest tattoo where the sun and the moon are on either side of this man’s chest. This is a symbol of how there’s still time to do what this man wants but reminding him that time will run out eventually.
A manly looking skeleton tattoo upon this man’s rib cage has nice shading and coloration. A cool back tattoo with a dragon and snake on either side with Chinese characters in the center.
A nice tattoo for a man would have to be this amazing Celtic knot tattoo in the shape of a star. A nice tribal tattoo upon this man’s neck and shoulders with a bluish green sun and a bold black tribal design. There are n number of tattoo designs available for men that make these hunks look like Gods from the Greek mythology. It can be inked with black with red and green thrown in depending on how you want your tattoo to look.

An easy to show off when needed, yet able to conceal tattoo is most convenient for those in a more professional work environment.
When it comes to tattoo designs for girls, the more elegant and curly the line, the better.
There are many different manly tattoo designs out there, so there should be no reason why any man can’t find the perfect tattoo to fit his taste.
A man can get any tattoo he desires, from a favorite sports team to a seductive looking woman.
Girl’s tattoos are usually small and dainty on the foot, hand, neck, lower back or shoulder. For a male, this tattoo will make them look more Masculine Chest Tattoos since their upper arm look bigger. Just remember that even though there are ways of removing tattoos, they are often expensive, therefore, in most cases tattoos are with you for life.

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