Grim Reaper tattoos garner extreme reactions from people—they either stray away from it or admire it altogether.
Grim Reaper tattoos usually feature the iconic skeletal figure brooding underneath a black cloak and brandishing a large scythe. If you take your Grim Reaper tattoos are a celebration of your mortality, you can add symbols of life and rebirth to the design. The Grim Reaper may cause other people to shudder, thinking that he is an agent of death who’s out to get them anytime. Okay now you will start this third step by sketching in the darkening detail between his eyes and then sketch out the actual shape of the hollowed nose. As you can see by the time you are done with this forth step, your grim reaper should start taking form. This really doesn’t come as a surprise because the image of the Grim Reaper thrives in sinister undertones. To add contrast, you can use red tones for a rose icon, purple colors for smoke, and orange hues for flames.
But you can inject some creativity into the design by depicting a pale or vague face underneath the cloak instead of the skeleton.
The ouroboros, a serpent snapping at its own tail, or a tribal circle of life design are just some examples.
Once the cheek bones are all drawn in and the nose hole is added, you can begin drawing out the jaw or mandibles. Draw the lining of the lid to frame and tuck the face of the Grim Reaper inside of the hooded cloak that he wears. For the last drawing step, finish drawing out the hood, then add the spiral or flap of the hood. This isn't just any grim reaper though; he is my version on what a grim reaper should look like. Add the lines for the shape of his mouth and then add the lining for the hood as seen here.

You will tackle this step by adding detailing lines on the hood and then shade in the areas like inside the cloak and inside the gaps of the teeth. Furthermore, these tattoos can illustrate the baleful figure hauling the soul from the body with just a swift movement of his fingers.
You will start this first step by drawing out the shape of his skull like head which starts off as a circle and facial guidelines. You will then draw in the bone lines for his left hand and then add detailing lines around the left sleeve. You will then shade in the opening of the sleeve on the left arm and then add wrinkle lines on the front of the cloak as well as the right sleeve. I will be back with more online drawing tutorial lessons in a bit so stay tuned the next ones are even better.
But for those who love Grim Reaper tattoos, they simply treat it as an emblem of the ever-changing thing called life.
You will then add the shape of the jaw and then draw a long horizontal guideline going down his gown. Add more torn looking lines near the edges of the grim's cloak on the left and then you can start adding the arm and scythe blade lines on his right side.
The first thing you will do is finish off the lines for his hood and then start adding the detailing line for his left arm sleeve and hand. You will finish off the blade of the scythe and then add the rest of the torn jagged lines of the bottom of the right sleeve. Riding a light horse represents the persona of Death, as described in the Christian Bible; while a black horse represents decay. You will then detail the finger that is pointing at you as shown and then detail the sleeve on his left arm. You will then detail the cloak under both arms as seen here and then start sketching in his bony fingers that are wrapped around the stick of the scythe. You will then draw the arched blade of the scythe and then start sketching in more detail on his skeletal face.

You will then sketch in more detailing lines along the edges of the cloak and then some wrinkle lines on the top front of the cloak.
Just looking at a figure that is dressed or shaped like this dark character you will instantly know that the image you are looking at is death or the grim reaper. You will define his face by adding some subtle lines to make his brow bone prominent and then sketch in the high looking cheek bones. The reaper is most commonly seen wearing a tattered black gown, robe or cloak with a large hood that covers his head and only a silhouette of his face is visible. The grim reaper is also sometimes seen wearing a tainted white burial shroud that has torn spiky edges on the bottom of the shroud. The most famous part of the reaper's attire is his over sized scythe that he walks around with and carries. Some believe that he uses his scythe to inflict death; some believe that he collects the souls of the dying so that their souls can pass onto the after life, and some believe that the grim reaper is a bargainer.
This means that he makes deals with the living and later collected their souls when their time is up or when they didn't fall through with their end of the deal. No matter how you look at this personification of death, he has many myths and beliefs to his name from many cultures and religions. The Hindu have their own myth about the grim reaper as well as the Japanese, the Greek, the Slavic, the Lithuanian, the Abrahamic and other religions and cultures that have their own myths about the grim reaper. For example the Slavic's believe that death was a woman dressed in white that use to put people to sleep for eternity. There is a new category under pop culture called “tattoos” and that is where you will be able to find this detailed drawing of the grim reaper.

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