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October 26, 2015: Our article on nipple and areola tattoos was published in Oncology Nursing Forum! We're excited to announce this year's silent art auction fundraiser will be for Wolf Conservation Center! Read all about our January tattoo artist art show, Muñecas, curated by Pia Phelps in the latest Tattoo Society Magazine. Nothing could be more ironic than a vegan getting a tattoo touting their plant-based status…in non-vegan ink. Unfortunately, the majority of tattoos aren’t vegan, as many black inks get their ominous hue from bone char. So maybe you called up your tat parlor to request vegan ink (Intenze and StarBrite are two of the most popular) and you think you’re in the clear. But no worries, I plan to try and make it out there on September 22nd for their vegan bake sale to benefit BARC.
The shop is also an art gallery; the work on the walls is all for sale, and there are openings held each month. But it was really the impressive quality of the work done that made my Gristle trip a fantastic tattoo experience. While there, I got a small tattoo on my ankle redone; I had gotten it several months back on a trip down south and was incredibly unhappy with the result.

Gristle’s talented (and super sweet) inkmaster Brittany Bauza took my old design and reworked it, and I love love love it. P’s tattoo was done by Franco Maldonado, an artist from Columbia who seems to specialize in animal designs.
Dina, Brittany and Franco were all really terrific, and I loved the experience so much I am already dreaming up my next piece of work—an elephant. If you’re in the area this week, head on down to Gristle on Thursday evening (the 6th) to help them celebrate their one year anniversary. This entry was posted in Feature and tagged Gristle Tattoos, nyc, vegan tattoos, Williamsburg.
Just wanted to say thanks for this post in particular- because of all of the good things you said quoting Gristle, I took a 6 hour bus ride to the big apple to get some ink.
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Flickr Hive Mind is currently consuming about 13.6 terabytes of network bandwidth per year (not including the photos themselves)! WCC is located just outside NYC so if you've always wanted to sleep outdoors with the wolves, they can make your dream come true.
Even the most dedicated tofu slingers may not realize that there is such a thing as a non-vegan tattoo. But the good news is as companies become more ethically savvy, they are opting for plant-based dyes.
The shop itself is small and—unlike nearly every other tattoo shop I have ever been in–tastefully decorated.
In fact, this Saturday (the 8th) they are holding an adoption event from 12 – 4 in collaboration with Dog Habitat Rescue. I fell in love with the shop when, within ten minutes of being inside, they gave me cupcakes. It was supposed to be a sprout but looked more like some weird sloppy Asian symbol, and design aside, the actual ink work was terrible.

When browsing his portfolio, nearly all of his designs feature some sort of feathered or furry friend. The event, held from 7 to 10, is an art exhibit featuring a group of local Brooklyn artists. As an early 30th birthday gift for myself, and to celebrate my 4 year vegan-anniversary, I got a tattoo to celebrate from the wonderful Mikey from Gristle. Since July, HALT has been working tirelessly to rescue hundreds of domesticated rats released on the West Side Highway. The week of May 25th - June 1st we'll be doing wolf & wolf themed tattoos from a special flash sheet to be posted as the date gets closer.
A fan of body art myself, on Saturday I headed to Williamsburg to check out Gristle, a darling vegan tattoo shop. Instead of the tacky display designs usually found in tattoo parlors (think hearts with flaming swords and various examples of script bound for tramp stamps), Gristle’s walls are adorned with artwork I would want in my own apartment, and posters sporting rescued pitbulls with the words I Am An Individual—part of an Animal Farm Foundation program. I was actually bummed I didn’t know about it last week, as I may have waited a week and gotten my tattoo during the event, because 100 % of tattoo deposits made that day will go to the animal organization. However, P got a design on his ribs that took five (!!!) hours to complete, so I hung out in the shop all day, chatting with Dina about the usual…cats and cupcakes. And this worked for us, because he came up with a killer design around the idea P had of an octopus fighting an owl.
Now before I start raving, let me answer a question you may be stuck on: WTF is a vegan tattoo? In preparation for the BARC bake sale, owner Dina DiCenso brought in a trial run of some delicious chocolate mini cupcakes.

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