Find Idea's, Discover Artists, your next tattoo, get inspired or browse our communities amazing collection! Many tattoo designs use black for the outlines, and extend the outline with lighter and lighter hues to make fabulous patterns. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Love Tattoos, Amy Winehouse Tattoos, Fox Tattoos and Biker Tattoos. This rather intricate black tattoo in a graphic novel design pays homage to the eternal Batman, the hero of Gotham City. This awesome tattoo series on the upper back is styled in simple black to highlight the three card pictures design. This is a simple and elegant depiction of an arrow with three feather-head inked in black on a woman’s foot.
With a whiplash held in one hand this is a lifelike picture of a joker done in black ink on the leg. The floral motifs in delicate lines inked on the hip area of this woman looks really artistic in simple black. This quirky black kitty with a tall seated body and round eyes stares at you from the funny black cat tattoo design. Patterned with a sharp line and bold black curves this is a gorgeous black pattern a little above the wrist. The entire broad male upper back becomes a rich canvas for a fantasy theme design in which you see a huge divine figure holding puppet like humans. One big circle interlock with a smaller circle with traditional symbols inside in this stunning tattoo idea for the collar bones.

The gorgeous black rose with details blooms from a base with two ornate leaves in this lower back tattoo for women. Check out this gorgeous upper shoulder tattoo design in which big stars with letters in them progress upto the neck to become smaller in size. Styled in a pretty black design this little giraffe stands really tall just behind the ear in this cute animal lover’s tattoo design.
The rich black patterns of this hand tattoo give a peek into a world of ancient symbols with the sun shape, the circle, and the five point star standing out prominently. This leg in heels looks stunning with a sensuous black rose tattoo curving with its stem along the lower part of the leg.
The delicate patterning and rich shades bring to life the amazing herald theme tattoo in black on the back. The fingers in this black and white photo look stunning with the simple design of one star tattoo on each finger.
This word tattoo goes for a traditional flowy style font with rich black curves and a lighter outline. Inked with sensuous curves and spirals this is an intricate ink pattern showing a serpent like Chinese dragon on the hand.
Take a look at this sexy black ink design with curves and ornate fish motifs done on the back of the woman’s leg. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Sometimes a single color can portray all that you want, and do it with incredible richness.

Designs in black can be just a tiny giraffe with black spots tucked behind the ear, or a full back tattoo showing a group of small and large figures.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Sometimes there is one color that locks in all the dark shades of the soul and expresses an amazing lightness. The delicate shades of black can give a very soft look to the tattoo, such as in a design showing a manga woman figure on the arm. Areas of solid black alternating with shaded areas look wonderful and give an artistic look to the design. Graphic design inspiration can even bring to life the figure of Batman the hero through a detailed black design. The rare and beautiful form of a rose also looks super hot in simple black as it curves over a woman’s hip area, or makes patterns on her high-heeled leg. The same black color can be used for a powerful and bold look to make tribal patterns on a man’s hand or his back.
Many designs also use only words or sentences in creative fonts to make stunning text tattoos.

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