This is actually one of the most commonly request designs in the tattoo world for both sexes and there are a multitude of differing designs and styles available. The Romans also had their own legends surrounding the rose and their ancient myths were taken extremely seriously so often banquet rooms were adorned with garlands of roses.
One may choose to get a rose in a private location which only a lover’s eyes may see which honors the rose’s more old fashioned symbolism of secrecy.
Red is still the most widely requested color in rose tattoos for men and this represents love, romance, beauty and courage however there is a growing demand for the more unusual blue design. Tattoo on Hand Arm and FingersReally like the style of tattoos used and the composition of the photo.
The whole tattoo process is not difficult except pain, the difficult is how to choose the right tattoo design to suit yourself. You can certainly DIY your own tattoo, my friend Lucy design one own quotes tattoo, very nice. In ancient Greece, it was believed that the goddess of flower, Chloris, created the first rose when she transformed a dying wood nymph into a flower.

You could choose a small discrete design featuring a delicate rosebud, a larger image with an open bloom inked in find detail or even a bouquet of multiple roses with or without thorns and including green stems and ribbons in a contrasting color. However, most choose to display theirs in more visible places where they can show them off with pride.
While nature does not produce such a flower, biological research is ongoing to create one so there are elements of mystery and achieving the impossible behind this particular tattoo design. This also is the reason why 99 Awesome Tattoos for Women launch up now, we can get some ideas form these hot tattoo designs and then make choose. We don’t want to choose the same tattoo and others, So careful planning and design is a must before make a decision.
Dinoysis, the god of wine also added an intoxicating scent to this flower while Aphrodite, the goddess of love contributed its beauty. Many rose tattoos for men are created as a tribute to a loved one was has passed away and often include their name in remembrance. The god of silence, Harpocrates, was said to have witnessed Venus, the goddess of love, in a compromising sexual encounter but her son, Cupid ensured his silence by bribing him with a rose and this is where the sub rosa tradition stems from.

Different colors of rose tattoos can also alter the symbolic nature of the rose which stems back to Victorian times when there was a language of flowers used to communicate romantic feelings that convention prevented them from saying out loud. The elusive blue rose also has magic powers that can restore youth or grant wishes according to legend. Hence the rose was created in a package of beauty, love, death and intoxication making it the perfect symbol of the human condition particularly with thorns included for a hint of sorrow. The rose can signify a pledge of eternal devotion and everlasting love so it is appropriate that these are chosen in memorial tattoos.
As a tattoo design, the rose is still a good way to convey a private message that is expressed in a public manner. Roses really have so much to say from unbridled passion to innocence and purity, so it is down to your individual preference what yours has to say about you.

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