About a month ago, one of my best friends and I were at a homeschool convention discussing all the different handwriting programs that are available. I briefly mentioned that after all the years I spent instructing my oldest child in writing in cursive, he could not write out a complete sentence in cursive now that he is in high school. The majority of handwriting programs end in the elementary grades after the children have mastered the lessons. I tried to recall when I use cursive in daily life and the only time I can think of is when I sign my name. I briefly researched the history of handwriting when I returned from the convention since my curiosity was now sparked.
My brother, bless his soul, has a vital ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ in a college town and has about the worse handwriting of anyone I've seen . Typically taught in third and fourth grade, cursive is already disappearing in some classrooms.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. We were both trying to decide on a program to use this upcoming school year, which was a little overwhelming with so many choices.

In middle school, most children will use one preferred method of writing- cursive or manuscript- for handwritten assignments. I learned that when the tools for writing were pointed nibs affixed to the end of sticks and feathers (quill pens), writing in cursive was actually a necessity.
I am a very big fan of all things English and will be teaching my children cursive as well. ChilverI'm a homeschool mom of five children, a former elementary teacher, and an author who is a bit obsessed with finding creative ways to make learning FUN.New? Since most school work is done on the computer after the elementary grades, should our instructional method switch from a strong focus on teaching cursive to teaching typing?
Printing is more legible and there are many times when people are forced to print, but I cannot think of any times when a person is forced to write in cursive.
These tools would produce blotches instead of strokes when a little downward pressure was applied. I want to at least introduce the option to them and have them be able to read historical documents that are written in cursive. Even everything that we read is in print, unless it is an old historical document, such as the Declaration of Independence.

Cursive letters were produced by sliding the pen sideways and they allowed us to take advantage of the tools of the time.
I have seen many programs that do this, such as ABeka.I completely agree with not looking up to the Common Core standards and you brought up a great point about reading older documents in cursive.
I hardly have to write anything now-a-days except to fill out a form or sign up for free windows down at the county fair.
Is it one of those things that die out with new generations like chalkboards and quill pens did? Even though they may not to continue using it in their adult years, I do want them to be able to read it well.Thank you for sharing.
Yet, I know many moms who are in constant turmoil because their teenager's writing looks like scribbles and scratches on paper. I am teaching him his cursive letter so he can read them and teaching him how to cursive write his name.

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