Packed with advice, inspiration, ideas, and lessons learned about designing a home that reflects your personality and style. This sounds silly, being afraid of happiness, but I think there are a lot of out there who are. However, there is another factor contributing to her not being as happy as she ought to be. What is the difference if Erin feels safe and happy with my new job now or a year from now?
Living in the moment can be so difficult yet so important, we all need to appreciate success, special moments & good times as they come to us because in life everything that is good always goes by too fast! Ironic I’m reading this sitting on the front porch eating a Popsicle while my boys play in the grass.
Your posts are always insightful, and a great addition to Erin’s own essays on top of the regular features of her wonderful blog. My name is Erin, and if I hadn’t known you were talking about your other half, I would swear you were talking about me. One day I was invited to join a group of moms for a gathering just after we sent our kids off on the first day of school that year.
For example, I made my conditions for contentment $xxxxxx in the bank, a beautiful home, a thriving multi-six figure business, fabulous clothes, the ardent attention of a cassanova-type man, and epic vacations.
Now my conditions are closer to: not using an alarm in the morning to wake up, glitter on my nails, really good tea, a long lunch with a friend, walking around the park, a meditative service at church, visiting my grandmother, a hug from my boyfriend. Then I make my gratitude list, satisfy an easy condition (hugs are my fave) and get on with it.
There are different types of negative feelings in humans but the most famous negative feeling is of jealousy. When people have this idea in their head they can spend a lot of time figuring out how to fix or change other people. But even more important is that, since what you focus your attention on grows, focusing on what you don’t like will cause it to become what you notice most in your life. Say, for example, when your significant other comes home they often leave a trail with their clothes, bags, books, whatever, strewn throughout the house. This has gone on for so long that now you notice every little piece of debris, everywhere you look, all the time.
So here it is, the step that will move you closer to being happier than ever before: Develop YOUR ability to focus your attention on what you ENJOY. Now imagine that each day, you look for things that you enjoy, and you are thankful for them.

Then as he stood in the sun, doubt rose up within him -- how silly must he look talking to no one, what did he think he was going to achieve anyway? Certainly there are varying degrees of this fear, but I wanted to put my two cents in on this topic.  A recent string of arguments between Erin and I have had this central theme. Over the past few years I have either been in a start-up company or in a position where I wasn’t really satisfied. Growing up, my mother was constantly reminding me to have a positive attitude, even when life sucks. I tend to be more like Erin, I think, but I’m learning to let my perspective evolve, and have a conscious stake in my own happiness. Now, all of that is great, but all of it is sometimes hard to come by, never mind on a daily basis. I am having a terribly bad mood day and this just gave me a little perspective and dare I say “joy”! Learn why authentic happiness is a choice you can start making today, and discover how to start finding the happiness you’re looking for just one step away.
And compound them with as many other thankful, grateful thoughts as you can so they grow and grow.
Our mission is to bring you very effective self help and personal development tools, and the skills to use them well. But the doubt faded and it began to feel quite natural -- intuitive almost -- to choose the light in this way. Neither provided a tremendous amount of stability, a key to Erin being able to let her happiness flourish. This is what people mean when they say you have to choose happiness (and has its roots in the phrase “shit happens”).
There are going to be times in life when things aren’t perfect (a little secret…those can be happy times too if you really master this skill). Thank you so much for your valuable insight and writing it in such a tender, understanding way. It depends upon the personality of person that decide about the acts or things of happiness. Our passion is to help you build a strong foundation for deeply satisfying relationships in every area of your life. This alone puts a tremendous amount of strain and pressure on her and when things aren’t going as she envisions, it is harder for her to feel happy. Fear that the happiness is temporary and that the let down when it ultimately goes away is too much to bear.

Appreciating the streetlights hit the new leaves on the trees at night, or reveling in something that makes me laugh can go a long way towards reminding me that it’s not so bad afterall, really. Some people are more happy when they are with their family while the others get their happiness in the company of good friends but real happiness cannot be defined it comes from the core of heart. This means that if you’re constantly depositing painful memories in your emotional bank account, they will grow and grow.
It can be a time when you reaffirm what you really believe is important, what you want to do with your life. If you want a place to start, try sending love to the people dear to you -- dead or alive it doesn't matter -- try sending them thoughts of healing and joy. She is safer by not allowing herself to feel that happiness, because the disappointment when it goes away is devastating. Because your ability to be happy is between your ears, it’s on your terms whether you feel happy all the time or never at all. My biggest fear (you know, aside from weird and grotesque things happening to eyeballs or being unprepared for public speaking…) is unhappiness. Different people have tried to define happiness but happiness quotes are more successful in defining happiness. The more you extend love's range and flexibility, the quicker it brings you back to the light.
If you discover you're stuck on something -- regret, bitterness, inappropriate desire -- you need not feel guilty or wrong. I’m learning a balance however, a little bit here, a little bit there, and trying to just enjoy the personal moments that are not shared because those are the ones that cannot be taken away.
Instead of being an incentive to go out and take on all the things that have the potential to make me happy, my fear of unhappiness is paralysing, and can prevent me from doing anything at all, which, let’s be honest, only guarantees my unhappiness. It may be Happiness Quotes tumblr, Happiness Quotes Pinterest, Happiness Quotes goodreads and Happiness Quotes and sayings. I can think of lots of times; sitting on a beach, on the Seine with Erin watching the Eiffel tower light up, when we first got Baxter, and then again with Oliver, when we got married, our honeymoon, meeting Erin, graduating from college, getting my new job, a glass of wine watching the sunset at the ranch, and I can go on. Some people use quotes for their timeline covers and display pictures because mostly quotes are coming with good images to make them more beautiful and effective.

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