Friendship is a mutual relationship between two people who trust, support and care about each other.Friendships are not instantaneous, they withstand the downs and troubles of life. Tagged with happy birthday quotes for best friend, happy birthday quotes for best friend animation, happy birthday quotes for best friend cake, happy birthday quotes for best friend cards. A true friend always supports and helps you when you are down, and enjoys every happiness of yours. A friend is one who actually knows you and accept you as you are, knows your strong and weak points and appreciates you, understands you and trusts you.

Friends make you laugh and cry, they do fun with you but most importantly they love you for who you are.
You love to enjoy every occasion with them and if there is a birthday party of any friend you got crazy.
The first demand is of treat or party and you too sometimes arrange surprise party for them. But if your friends are far away and you just wish them on phone call, message or on internet, you need some special words to express your feelings.

So this post includes top level birthday wishes for friends, you can share your feelings and wishes to the friends who are far from you in a beautiful way.

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