Way of life is all about satisfaction and disappointment, which it provides in itself like a phantom. As said formerly, it depends on a personal how he reacts to the satisfaction and disappointment.
There is a huge amount of sad pictures and quotes available online which you cannot ever search or read.
I hate love bcuz love is atrction only and i dont like atrction if u want to love so u may love ur family u know family will hve been with u 4 a long time so dont waste d time 4 othr member.
Adhoori aas chode kar adhoori pyas chode kar jo roj unhi jaoge to kis tarah nibhaoge abhi na jao chode kar ki dil abhi bhara nhi.

Although Unhappiness outcomes very badly on a personal than satisfaction, but if a personal tries have fun with more on the satisfaction and grieves less on disappointment then definitely a personal can counteracts the repercussions of disappointment. We struggle to lessen the waste of your time and provide you people with a refined and best variety of photos that can fulfill your desire. When you are sad nothing seems good, it feels like wind has stopped blowing, oceans have stopped flowing and earth has stopped rotating.
You feel yourself in a different situation where you need nothing but to accompany yourself only. Here is a small effort of us for you with a unique collection of sad photos and wallpapers.

But it is actual that isolation can make someone sad, and on the other aspect, you can be sad in the number of people. Sometimes even small things seem very huge so as pain feels unbearable and sorrows as insufferable.
Often you try to eliminate your sadness by seeking a person whom you can trust and love, but many times you feel worse when the same person deceives you.

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