Harley Davidson adalah motor moge yang memiliki ciri khas tersendiri, memiliki kesan yang mewah, megah seakan motor orang orang kelas atas ( 100 juta atas penghasilnya) . Silahkan share dengan klik tombol atau buttom dibawah ini (Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, linkedin,Google +)  atau silahkan tinggal komentar kalau anda menyukai review blog ini .. Send us a Selfie holding up the product and we'll give you Selfie Points for a free patch on your next order.
Preparatory work in collaboration with the Agency "Nude" in Paris for "Justerini & Brooks" (England) for bottles limited edition. Next, sketch out the actual structure of the head or skull like so, then draw in the cheek bones along with the temple indents.

Here you will complete the formation of the Harley Davidson skull by drawing the upper mandible. Since I was inspired by all the bikers that have been flying by my window, why not make a skull based on Harley Davidson's design with flying wings.
Draw in the row of teeth and make sure to add the bone detailing along the back sides of the upper jaw.
Start with the large hollow eye sockets like so, then sketch in the definition for the brow bone. All you have to do now is either draw HD in the background or the full name Harley Davidson.

The overall design of this skull shouldn't be too hard to replicate but if you run into some problems you can dust yourself off and try again until you get it right. Please check the size of the patch and do not assume they are super large because of the prices.

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