The story of the little wizard who cast a spell on children and adult across the world has shown its craze in many forms.
The Harry Potter tattoos are a sought-after design with the people, adults and children, alike.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Johnny Depp Tattoos, Carmelo Anthony Tattoos, Chris Brown Tattoos and Spider Web Tattoos. The fascinating colorful car from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, carved on the ribs, is looking great. The girl and boy show their similar Harry Potter tattoos carved on their forearm and upper back. The weird platform number etched behind the ear in bold font makes for a catchy tattoo piece. This girl is a huge fan of the wizard and has got his name etched on her forearm in bold and irregular font. This word having reference to a non-magical person created with a colorful wavy patch of stars looks charming.
A simple and small tattoo, etched on the calf has a secretive aura that attracts and intrigues. This tattoo created in naughty font and inspired from Harry Potter, carved on the arm, has a badass look.
The school of Harry Potter that resembles a creepy castle arouses fear in the hearts of onlookers.
A black and white owl with the triforce symbol below creates a fabulous looking design on the forearm.
The emblem of Harry’s school is really classic and makes for a majestic tattoo portrait.
The flying, golden snitch that has magical abilities has been carved behind the ear as an ornamental piece. The girl expresses her passion for Harry with an emotional line carved along side HP initials behind the ear. This boy believes in the strength and virtues of united action and has got a cool tattoo on his arm to express the same. This symbol is also quite popular and does not inflict much pain on the wearer during the tattooing procedure.

This lovely tattoo with the lightning bolt forming the L has been carved as a mark of friendship. The charming, round glasses of Harry along with the lightning bolt makes for a brilliant tattoo piece. The strange platform number from where Harry boards the train to Hogwarts, sits fine on the wrist. Time is flying fast and you need to win, this is what the snitch whispers into the ear of the girl. The last words from the epic book that have a positive and cheerful touch, look nice on the shoulder blade.
A large black and white snitch with beautiful wings, resting on the upper back, looks elegant. The snitch which opened up at last when Harry was going to die has been pictured in an apt manner. Line from Harry Potter carved in exact font as the book’s that pertains to the golden snitch. Colorful quote from the third book of Harry Potter series Prisoner of Azkaban looks charming. The adorable dobby with his weird but cute look is a delight to the eyes and makes for a cute Harry Potter tattoo. The snitch is a very popular tattoo design taken from Harry Potter as it has an aesthetic charm. CreativeFan is dedicated to bringing you the best tutorials, resources and inspiration for creativity, and they work tirelessly to bring you posts like these. Someone wasn’t content trekking it all the way to London just so they could take a photograph of the 9? platform, they wanted the number on their back too.
Though I still get upset when I think about this part of the book, and that evil Dolores Umbridge and her blood quill, I will concede that it makes a great tattoo. I love how the scarf has been incorporated into the Gryffindor shield and how the glasses are overlapping the other symbols.
I question what type of person would want to get this as a tattoo, but I can still admire their dedication to Harry Potter. Click the next page to see the best idea for a wand tattoo and the most epic Harry Potter portrait tattoo.

To prove that you are still obsessed with Harry Potter, even after all this time, you need to get a tattoo (and understand the line I loosely quoted).
Harry Potter, the creation of JK Rowling not only broke all records on popularity charts but also impacted the tattoo artists’ business (in a positive manner). They are made up of different symbols and quotes from the seven books but the most popular is the image of Harry Potter. I like how they combined the Deathly Hallows symbol with the Forbidden Forest and a Dumbledore quote. If I didn’t know the meaning of the mark, I would think that this is a brilliant tattoo. Before I got it, I strongly considered incorporating a snake into my skull tattoo, but it’s not on my arm and a Dark Mark is kind of silly anywhere else. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. People were so much enamored with the book and the movies based on it that they were going berserk after Harry Potter tattoos. People love Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter and get his portrait carved in various forms on their bodies.
These Harry Potter tattoos separate the true fans who would stayed with Harry until the very end, from the ones who are dedicated, but rather show their love with a fancy HP smokey eye instead of permanent body modification.
They were making beeline at entrance of tattoo parlors to get their favorite hero’s tattoo and the passion is still alive even though the intensity has calmed down. Apart from it the magical symbols and characters like the golden snitch, dark mark, dobby, etc. So, to appease the fans, we have brought for them a post with 40 Harry Potter tattoos displaying wonderful tattoo designs.

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