Taylor Swift's 18-year-old beau, One Direction star Harry Styles, added to his sizable collection of body art and got a new tattoo yesterday (Dec.
Swift, 23, supported Styles throughout the painful procedure, holding his hand and looking on as her boy-band boyfriend got all inked up. Chris Brown shocked fans when he debuted a tattoo of a what looks to be a battered woman on his neck on Sept. If the relationship fails to last as long as Harry’s new tatt, at least we can all say we saw it coming. Next thing you know, JB will be covered head to toe, much to the chagrin of Grandpa David Letterman, who voiced his disapproval in a recent interview.
The singer got a huge ship design on his upper left arm -- right next to the heart he has on his bicep -- at the Shamrock Tattoo Parlor.

He has almost 20 tattoos, including a large pair of birds on his chest and the phrases "Things I Can" and "Things I Can't" on either forearm. She obsesses over cat videos and boy bands, and often ends up on the weird part of the internet. Many questioned whether or not it was meant to be Rihanna, but Brown's rep insists his ink is of a sugar skull, which is associated with the Mexican celebration of The Day of the Dead. Days later, Brown debuted his tattoo of a fighter jet, which just so happens to be in the same spot as Rihanna's new ink of the goddess Isis.
Harry’s fern tattoo (which we originally thought looked like a castle with a flag in the top) is inked in black and white on his left arm, just below the gigantic ship tattoo he had inked in December 2012 with then-girlfriend Taylor Swift by his side. Styles is the king of tiny tats, and we have to admit…we sometimes have a hard time keeping up with them all!

With 49 tattoos and counting, there is one piece in particular that Harry has managed to keep pretty low-key – the small fern tat on his arm – but we’ve got photographic proof that the ink exists.
So now we just have to figure out what it means to the pop star!In pictures of Harry back in September – when he added the large rose arm tattoo to his collection – the discreet fern tattoo wasn’t yet inked on his bicep, so the fern was definitely done at some point between September and October 2013. If you remember, Niall, Liam and a couple of their buddies got fake fern tattoos on their wrists while in New Zealand, because the silver fern is a national emblem of New Zealand, used in the country’s coat of arms and on its one dollar coin. Similarly, Zayn Malik’s tattoo of a New Zealand fantail on the back of his neck was inked while the band was performing in New Zealand for their Up All Night tour.

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