Hebrew tattoos are increasing in popularity day by day as more and more celebrities around the world are choosing to sport tattoos in this ancient language. The Hebrew tattoo designs presented in this site are ideal for both men and women and can be worn on any part of the body.
Hebrew tattoo is often chosen by religious people who want to keep the Lord’s words close to their heart. There are various reasons behind it yet the most popular one is because you can write God’s words in the form of its original language.

Although Hebrew letter is from old generation, it’s in fact a stylish design for tattoo. Hebrew tattoos can have a deep spiritual significance for the wearer and can denote a wide range of meanings such as faith, love or courage. On deeper meaning though, Hebrew letter is often considered sacred as the holy bible was first written in this word. Since not many people can read Hebrew words, you then can give the aesthetic aspect of the tattoo to people and keep the real meaning to yourself.

One may also choose to inscribe certain messages in Hebrew that have a personal significance for the wearer.
Other popular tattoo designs include Hebrew phrases such as “Hephzibah”, “Love is life”, “Strength”, “I can do all things through Him” and “He has risen”.

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