Henna in the East have a mystical significance for females to tender skin and have attraction with beautiful henna(Mehndi) Designs to celebrate special occasion such as Eid, Diwali, Weddings… Decorating hands, legs, neck or other parts of body will give a velvety skin appearance. Henna tattoos last for few weeks and almost 1-2 months and gradually fades away, but it should be applied with care because many people get allergic reaction to their gentle skin- natural henna dyes are safe, Black henna can remain permanently on the body and mostly used to decorate feet and hands, Red for Toes, Head, hands and nails or any other parts of the body for splendid patterns. Henna tattoo is best for those people, who want to experiment different tattoos time by time and get bored with one tattoo permanently, henna tattoo image will look attractive and get vanished after few weeks for you to style an attractive new tattoo on skin. A wide range of patterns and styles are used - feminine swirls, intricate lacework, bold geometric and symbols of protection are just some of these. The henna paste is applied to the skin using a squeeze-type applicator - it looks a lot like cake-decorating!
Depending on size and detail of the design it will take anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours to apply. I will teach you how to teach yourself, how to figure out new moves on your own…basically how to think about it in 3 dimensions. Being adorned with henna is joyful but also meditative, it teaches you to appreciate the beauty & impermanence in life…to enjoy the moment! The tradition streches back thousands of years in India, the Middle East, and North Africa. Henna is applied to the skin as a thick paste which will be wet to the touch for about an hour. What is henna?Henna is a plant that has been used as a dye since the Bronze Ages, primarily in the Eastern Mediterranean region encompassing Northern Africa, Italy, Spain, and the Middle East.
Why do people decorate their skin with henna? In many cultures, women have henna decorations applied to their hands and feet for festivals and celebrations. Henna decorations have also become popular in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, where it takes the form of a "temporary tattoo".Henna Hand Designs Art ProjectIn this art project, you'll trace an outline of your hand(s) onto paper and then decorate them with henna designs! Henna designs on fingersThe patterns on your fingers will go from your fingertip to the top of your palm. Henna designs on the wristThe henna design on the wrist will basically be a horizontal pattern that goes across one side to the other. If you want to see more ideas for patterns, check out my tutorial on how to draw patterns step by step. If you make a purchase via the links below I receive a small commission, which helps support this site. You can use any type of pen, marker, or paper to create your Henna Hand Design, such as any of the art materials below.
Inspiration for henna hand designs:There are many sources on the Internet for henna designs, henna patterns, and artists who are inspired by henna.

If you like my abstract art, check out my printable Abstract Coloring Book with 20 pages of intricate abstract line art to fill in with COLOR! For more abstract designs, check out my printable Mandala Coloring Book, with 23 pages of mandalas that you can color! The Henna Art has crossed the traditional boundaries to be used in various colors with recipes and techniques remained mostly unchanged, Henna tattoo has shaped to be more popular in the social world and is spreading all over world as body painting art.
In this post we have selected a showcase of most beautiful henna tattoo design ideas for you to get inspiration and try one out of these for your skin. In India, North Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East it is thought to bring good fortune and happiness to those who wear it.
It begins as an orange stain then deepens to a reddish-brown colour due to the oxidization process. Allergies are very rare - less than one in a million people are allergic to pure henna and any possible reactions are mild.
It's a great art project for kids, because it allows them to learn about:other culturesthe role of pattern in abstract arthow to create abstract patternshow to express themselves in a symbolic wayIt's also a fun art project for adults for the exact same reasons!First I'll give you a bit of background info about henna, and then launch into the art project. It was also widely used in India, where it is still a popular form of temporary body art to this day.How is henna used?To create a dye for the skin, the henna plant is grounded into a paste with a few other ingredients, which is then applied to the body using a cone-shaped funnel.
Before a wedding, a bride will have elaborate henna designs drawn onto her hands, arms and sometimes feet. This is less messy than trying to apply actual henna on your (or your students') hands, and it allows you to create something that you can keep forever.(If you want to draw directly on your hands, check out my 128-page book, The Everything Girls Ultimate Body Art Book, which features over 50 step-by-step lessons that you can draw on yourself or your friends!)If you're a teacher, start by showing your students photos of hands decorated with henna, like the ones on this page.
You can also totally make up patterns as you go along!If you need a jump-start or a crash course in pattern-making, check out my tutorial on how to draw patterns step by step, where you'll learn how to create patterns off the top of your head. Then continue adding designs that radiate out from that central point.That's one of the easiest ways to create a mandala, and they happen to look great on palms!Another idea for decorating the palm is to draw something that personally symbolizes you. In that tutorial I walk you step by step through the process of drawing each of the 4 patterns below, as well as explain the basic concept to making your own patterns, off the top of your head! I've also included links to different types of paper you can use to spice up your henna hand – for instance, how would the rustic, natural texture of papyrus set off a henna hand design drawn in sepia, crimson or black?You could also decorate your henna hand designs with glitter, gems, and other goodies.The Everything Girls Ultimate Body Art BookLearn how to draw cool body art doodles like the one below in my 128-page book, The Everything Girls Ultimate Body Art Book, which features over 50 step-by-step lessons! Henna tattoos look so attractive as you can see from the list below and are safe, painless as no piercing is required for it, it is so easy to make henna at home and try various designs on body DIY.
Henna designs are traditionally worn for celebrations and other auspicious occasions, such as weddings, pregnancy and birth ceremonies and religious festivals. Depending on the particular region, they may consist of flowers, leafy vines, birds and animals as well as the sun, moon and stars.
You will need to leave the henna paste on for at least ONE HOUR until it has completely dried, being careful not to smudge it.

For some, the hardest part of receiving a henna design is the need to sit still for a while.
It is important to ensure that any other ingredients that are included when preparing henna paste are harmless to the skin.
Unfortunately, in recent years, it has been known for a chemical called para-phenylenediamine (PPD) to be added to henna paste to produce a long-lasting black stain on the skin. The henna must stay undisturbed on the skin for several hours to properly stain the skin, and then it is washed off. Give them a bit of background info about the origins of henna, as well as how and why it's used today. By drawing patterns on your hand, you are creating an original self-portrait that captures the essence of who you are!Common motifs found in henna hand designs include:flowers, paisley, tendrils, stars, vines, spirals, leaves, water drops, criss-crosses, waves, and more. I'll also how you how to draw patterns like this:Drawing henna hand designsYou might want to draw your designs with a pencil first, so that you can erase any mistakes - or you can leap right in with a pen or marker. It could be a particular flower, a bird, a favorite pet, or any object that describes who you are. We hope you will be inspired from these tattoo selections to try on your body, Have fun with Henna! Sometimes your skin will feel slightly cool where the paste is applied, this is because the henna draws your surrounding body heat into the paste as it dries. This must be avoided in all circumstances as PPD is toxic and the more often it is used, the more chance of reaction. Henna designs can last for days or months.In India, henna designs on skin are called mehndi. I chose to pencil in my designs first, but you can do it either way.The pen you use can be any color you want!
You don't need to worry about making it look realistic, because henna designs are abstract. If you want your designs to really look like henna, you might want to choose a brown pen or marker, because henna usually dries to a brownish color.

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