If you thought flaunting long beautiful tresses is just a dream, read on to turn it into a reality.
Henna is not just a natural dye and conditioner for hair; it gives a lot of other benefits as well.
Hair in the present day is often subjected to high stress situations like repeated exposure to the harmful sun rays or the blending in of pollutants and toxins which add to the hair damage. Besides, henna also strengthens the hair, prevents premature greying and imparts a natural shine to your locks.
Many have asked the question is henna good for hair repeatedly and here once again we find ourselves in a predicament over dying grey hair into black or brown. Often commercial packages with the henna paste made can be availed but if you want to go all natural here’s how to crack the code. Now seal the rest in an air tight jar for later use and use around 3-4 spoons of this powder to cook up the henna for you. Many people use different concoction ingredients as per their desire like fenugreek powder, coffee beans, tea leaves, mint leaves and so on.
With the amount of pollution and dust in the air, the quality of hair tends to deteriorate very quickly these days. If you desire long hair, then henna can help you achieve that, as it not only promotes hair growth but also curbs thinning and hair breakage. Since henna is a transparent dye, it just coats the hair, covering greys and leaving a reddish sheen on the hair, which is clearly visible in direct sunlight.
When collecting ingredients for mixing, keep in mind to buy good quality henna which is used for body art purposes, as the colour will be better. The quantity of henna to be used should be between 100-300 grams, depending on hair length.
Other natural powders like indigo or amla powder, for a brownish or auburn tinge, respectively. Moisturisers like eggs, olive oil or even your normal conditioner, if you have very dry hair.
Once the mixture is ready, transfer it to a bowl and seal it with a plastic wrap for 12 hours.
Before starting, apply Vaseline on parts of your face that are close to the hairline to prevent staining on skin. You can leave this mask on hair for two to four hours, or overnight, depending on how deep a colour you want. Thus, the henna mixture and application process might slightly vary depending from person to person.
Mix all the ingredients with the required quantity of curd, at least one to two hours before application.
Henna causes curls to loosen so women who want to keep their curls intact should not use henna. Lawsone, which is present in henna, is a known mutagen and is believed to cause changes in the DNA of cells. Madhavi is a senior editor at UrbanWired with deep love and passion for all things health, wellness, fitness and fashion. Content (text, audio, video) on this website is only intended to provide general information to the reader and is not intended to be used as medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment. Signup to get the most important weekly news roundup from across the web about Health, Wellness & Fitness. Our Organic Lush Growth Hair Kit contains a full size 4 oz Organic Amla oil, and full package of Organic Amla Powder.

Contains no mineral oils, no cosmetic fragrant oils or strong scents, no added additives, and is chemical free.
Many youngsters often subject to hair coloring out of the age phrase where often the dyes are chemically treated.
Benefits of henna for hair firstly come in the form of a protective sheath that veils the hair and protects thereby making it stronger and more sustainable.
A huge part of this can also be blamed on chemical usage of colors and hair dyes that destroy the simple texture of your hair.  The natural properties in henna help in repairing and sealing the hair cuticles, that in turn aids hair growth.
This is rather essential owing to the high stress level that has brought on this phenomenon called premature ageing of both skin and hair. However, at least this time we are opting for organic means which is essentially why here in this segment we will discuss how to make henna at home. To make it at home you would need mehndi leaves, fresh and twig less as you leave them out in the sun for them to dry.
Make sure you already shampoo your hair to remove residual dirt and oil before applying the henna to your scalp or hair. The color that henna leaves leave behind can be dark chocolate brown, orange or even a reddish-orange color. These are made of harmful chemicals and cause severe skin irritation and rashes and should not be used. Since it is a natural plant product, it is considered safe and is trusted by people for use as a hair dye. Henna mixed with fenugreek seeds or yogurt makes a very good hair mask for the treatment of dandruff.
The other ingredient required is acidic liquids like lemon juice, tea, coffee or any other acidic fruit juices. Start from the top section of the hair, hold the hair straight up and use a brush to apply, starting from scalp progressing to the root and slowly covering the entire section till the tip. Cover you head with a shower cap to prevent it from dripping or touching and staining things around you. Henna tends to make the hair very dry, therefore, people who already have dry hair are not advised to use henna. It is still the most popular dye extensively used for various dying purposes, all over the world. Nevertheless, proper knowledge regarding usage and precautionary measures are necessary before you experiment with henna too much! She is a master's graduate in human resource management but fell in love with healthy living. This does not mean you need to make frequent visits to the salon and dig a big hole in your pocket by using branded hair care products.
Hence, in the later years the hair can be seen showing early signs of distress along with stunted growth. Hair fall can be seen lessening with routine usage and your hair integrates the goodness of the henna mix and builds itself up looking lively and energetic after each use.
Henna in its organic form not only heals and repairs the damages but also changes the look of the hair imparting to you a much more youthful and healthy mane that glistens and glimmers.
Once dry and crisp you can now grind the leaves in a mixer grinder until it takes the consistency of a fine grounded powder, resembling somewhat sandy texture and color. Pull your hair into a soft bun and wrap a shower cap around it as you leave it for the next two hours. When freshly applied, the color that sets in will be orange and in a couple of days, it turns into a deeper reddish brown.

Since it is a herbal product, it is absolutely safe to cover the entire length of hair and the scalp with it, which cannot be done with other conditioners.
We’re sure that there is no doubt in your mind regarding the question,  “Is henna good for hair?” any more.
Water can also be used in case you do not want to dry out your hair with excessive amounts of lemon juice. Once you start layering each section of your hair with henna, you can pile it on the top of your head and you will not need pins to hold it together.
Given how uninformed people were about personal health, fitness and fashion; she felt compelled to educate, enlighten and entertain the average joe and jane around the globe. We do not undertake any responsibility or liability of any health issues caused by following advise on this website.
Add lemon juice and blend it in until the mixture is smooth again, then apply the paste to your scalp and hair, from root to tips.
There are several natural ingredients, right in your kitchen shelves that can give you shiny voluptuous mane. It also offers excellent treatment for hair related problems like dandruff, dryness and itchy scalp. It is a flowering plant which is native to North Africa, Middle East and some parts of South-east Asia. It helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting hair in any negative ways. It forms a protective layer and prevents hair damage by locking the necessary moisture in your hair.
In recent times, due to the entry of multiple branded hair dying products in the market, the use of henna for hair has reduced. Therefore, before applying henna on skin, hair or nails one must be sure that they are not allergic to it. Of these, henna is the most popular and effective ingredient that has been used for centuries.
Being anti fungal and anti bacterial in nature, minor scalp and hair problems such as fungal infection can be treated or contained at least using the benefits of henna. It grows in dry, hot areas and has been used as a natural dye for skin, hair, nails and materials like leather and wool, for thousands of years across many cultures. To make it usable, the leaves are broken and crushed into powder which is then mixed with a liquid, to make a thick paste. A natural herb, henna is used with other ingredients to form superb hair packs and oils that stimulate hair growth. The powder can be mixed with water, lemon juice, tea water, or even some essential oils such as Tea tree oil or Lavender oil, depending on the purpose it is being used for. An added advantage of the products available in the market is that they provide different color options.
However, these products contain harmful chemicals that worsen hair quality in the long run. You can find henna powder at a variety of places, including hair and beauty stores, some retailers, and online shops.

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