Henna (also called Mehandi) is the traditional art of painting the hands, feet or body Mehndi started in the Middle East and Northern Africa over 5,000 years ago. Charlie Wallace's arms blistered after his henna tattoo and, weeks later, heA¬† is left with an ugly pink scar But hours later the wound had wept through the dressing and needed to be changed. Many cancer patients can be overwhelmed with the physical and emotional difficulties of their disease, and the loss of their hair from chemotherapy treatment certainly doesn’t help. The intricate patterns that the artists create with all-natural henna paste are a unique and empowering substitute to the hats and wigs that many women use to cover their heads after losing their hair to chemotherapy. The traditional South-Asian temporary tattoos, which are made with 100% natural home-made henna paste, last for around two weeks and have no harmful side-effects.
As a woman with alopecia universallis for over twenty years I think this is a wonderful idea, and would love to see this extended beyond cancer.

As a nurse that works in a rehab center I am just TOTALLY thrilled at the beautiful effects!!!!I just love the idea, will have to see if they have someone here in germany that will be willing to try this here also.!!!
Since returning from holiday, Charlie has missed a month of school and been in pain from the scar. Henna Heals, a rich community of nearly 150 henna tattoo artists worldwide established by a team of 5 women in Canada, helps women with cancer feel confident and beautiful again by drawing elegant henna crowns on their bare heads.
Henna Heals also offers henna services for special events and does belly painting for mother-to-be, but they always donate 10% of their proceeds to compensate the cost of the henna crowns they make for cancer patients.
Mehndi is the art of applying designs to the skin through the application of pastes made with henna powder on different parts of the body. He had to sleep propped up on pillows to keep the wound clear because his family were not able to bandage it for any length of time.

Now the henna pattern has been burned into his arm leaving a swirl of tender, pink skin, which the doctor said could be permanent.
Mrs Wallace, who lives with husband Steve, a taxi driver, said she wanted to warn other parents of the dangers. Doctors bandaged his arm and said he would have to come in after a couple of days to get it changed.
Since returning home to Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex, Charlie has had to visit Basildon Hospital four times.

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