You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Made with all natural ingredients and fresh, triple-sifted certified organic Rajasthani henna.No needle clogging even when using very fine tips.
Water, glycerin, sucrose, benzyl alcohol, citric acid, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, black walnut hull extract, sorbitol, lactic acid and disodium EDTA. 1) Shake well and pour contents of plastic bottle filled with Henna City Solution into the resealable bag of henna powder. 2) Reseal plastic bag and mix together by rubbing gently between your palms for approximately 3 minutes; ensure that all lumps are gone.
5) Wash skin area to be painted with soap and water, and rub with towel to remove any lotions and layers of dead skin. 7) OPTIONAL: You can use a sealant to keep the paste from cracking and flaking off, and to achieve a darker stain. 8) Let henna paste dry and leave on skin for 3-6 hours or more for best results (the longer the better).
10) After a minimum of 3-6 hours have passed, peel off dried henna paste with fingers, and rub off any residue. 11) For best results avoid water contact with the tattooed area for the following 24 hours.
12) Henna design will progress from an orange color to the traditional deep reddish brown color over the next two days. The one thing I did not find in the informative broshure that came in the box, is how long you must let the henna paste defrost if you choose to freeze it.
Beginning with the introduction of our Premium Kit, we have been the leader in temporary body painting supplies and accessories since 1997. The EarthHenna Premium Kit contains everything you'll need to start creating beautiful body art and temporary tattoos with henna. Our mini kit for kids includes all the ingredients you need for creating temporary tattoos that children will love. Our popular Mini Earth Henna Tattoo Kit, plus the groundbreaking Mehndi book by Carine Fabius. One part dextrose to 3 parts henna powder helps make a silky henna paste that sticks to the skin as it dries! 150 grams of 100% pure Moroccan henna powderA a€” the exact same henna that we use in our henna kitsA a€” perfect for dying your hair! All content on this website is Copyright © 2016 Lakaye Studio and may not be used without our permission.
The beautiful art form known as mehndi is made simple with this easy-to-use kit and book package, which combines safe, natural, superior-quality henna from the fields of Morocco with the first published resource on mehndi in the United States.

The popular Mini Body Painting Kit that comes with the book contains enough henna powder and mixing solution to let you get started on creating your own beautiful temporary tattoos and henna designs. Squeeze plastic bottle to release henna paste and slowlytrace over outline of stencil with henna.
If you begin to feel a strain on your hand as you draw, unscrew cap loose, re-shut cap to release air pressure and tap bottle down. If you are taking any medications, or have any known allergies, check with your doctor before using Earth HennaA® paste. Written in a breezy, engaging style, this book takes the reader on an exciting journey into the heart of the Amazon jungle. I love body art, but because I am underage, I cannot do anything without Mommy or Daddy's signature.
This is a very fun way of doing temporary tats, but they actually have more spiritual meaning than a cool design. I bought this product after being introduced to the art of henna at a booth in Marine World.
Store between 50-90 degrees F for best results.If glue freezes it will permanently solidify. Avoid henna if you have G6PD deficiency or have been advised to avoid Fava beans, are extremely anemic, or have citrus allergies. Upgrade to EXPRESS MAIL, guaranteed 2 days in transit for an additional charge (recommended for Hawaii, Midwest and East Coast orders).
We strongly recommend premixed paste be shipped by Express Mail due to its perishable nature.
IMPORTANT: Let the paste sit for a minimum of 6 hours at room temperature before using (more in cold temperatures). Although when I mixed the henna together in the cone shaped zip lock bag the henna oozed out at the top corners by the zip. Not one person had a reaction to the henna and our teens had a henna party with their friends, it was really reassuring as a parent to know, that the quality of the henna was top notch. The instructions that came with it were very clear with how to mix and use the henna paste. I had to order a new kit because my henna got too old to use before I was done with the school project I was using it for.
Reseal plastic cone and mix together by massaging between palms for three minutes or more until all lumps are gone.
To do this, squeeze bottle until henna paste rises to the top and close bottle with original cap. However, allergic reactions to natural products are not uncommon (think strawbwerries and peanuts).

If you can leave the Henna on your skin for 8 hours, it will mature to the most beautiful reddish brown I have ever seen in a kit and will last for weeks (depending on where you put it). It features a book, which has nice pictures, designs, history of henna, tips, FAQs, and a how to make your own henna. Once my initial hand design faded in two weeks, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Enough henna powder for tons of designs, plus bindis, glitter powders, and glitter tattoo kit. We can't guarantee the results of paste shipped internationally due to the longer time in transit.
Be the life of the party; add more fun to any birthday party, baby shower, sleep-over or any other celebration. The color and length of time of the tattoos is much Better than other products we have used.
I've had all kinds of henna throughout the years, and this is the best- I'm so glad I decided to go organic, plus that essential oil blend is some kind of magic potion- and smells wonderful. The bottle will look warped and funny but it will keep the henna fresh for longer period of time. This product was not only cheaper than what I paid for my design, but it also had clear instructions on how to mix the paste and how to apply it. The only downside to the kit was that it came with only one bag of henna powder and one bottle of solution, meaning that you only get one supply that will last for a month once mixed. The easier ones to trace are the ones that I have started to use first-- I hope to work my way up to the more intricate stencils. One thing though, I had to keep switching out the applicator tips because they clog quick and you have to blow them out and use a new one. While this may be sufficient for beginners, those who are more enthusiastic or intermediate may need to buy more supplies (powder, solution, oils, applicator bottles, etc.) Another downside was that the book didn't provide enough diverse designs, and the pictures were mainly in black and white. I suggest that anyone who purchases this kit buy a book that expands more on designs, as you will want to try out more things for yourself. Other than that, I was happy with the kit I bought - but I will need to buy more henna than supplied.

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