The Original Earth Henna Body Painting Kit is the most user-friendly kit on the market for creating beautiful temporary tattoos on your own body or for your friends. Squeeze plastic bottle to release henna paste and slowlytrace over outline of stencil with henna. If you begin to feel a strain on your hand as you draw, unscrew cap loose, re-shut cap to release air pressure and tap bottle down.
If you are taking any medications, or have any known allergies, check with your doctor before using Earth HennaA® paste. Our mini kit for kids includes all the ingredients you need for creating temporary tattoos that children will love.

Our popular Mini Earth Henna Tattoo Kit, plus the groundbreaking Mehndi book by Carine Fabius.
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Why not purchase a Henna (Mehndi) Kit in conjunction with the Body Glitter Tattoo Kits to highlight your Henna or Mehndi design. Reseal plastic cone and mix together by massaging between palms for three minutes or more until all lumps are gone. To do this, squeeze bottle until henna paste rises to the top and close bottle with original cap.

However, allergic reactions to natural products are not uncommon (think strawbwerries and peanuts). The beauty with the Glitter Kits is that the glitter can last a number of days (depending on how you apply it) providing a temporary Henna and Glitter experience.
The bottle will look warped and funny but it will keep the henna fresh for longer period of time.

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