We are custom tattoo stencil manufacturer, customized glitter tattoo stencils wholesaler and personalized henna tattoo stencil exporter & we export all kind of custom tattoo stencils (personalized henna stencils, custom stencil tattoo, custom made glitter stencils, customized body stencils) to countries like Australia, Canada, USA ( United States of America ), New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Germany, Portugal , Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK (England, Ireland, Scotland), Slovakia, France, other countries of Europe & lot of other countries. THIS IS A WHOLESALE WEBSITE & WE DONT CATER OR REPLY ANY SORT OF RETAIL QUERIES, INCONVENIENCE REGRETTED. Note :- If you don't see something in our catalogue, which you think would be a popular addition to our range, please, feel free to suggest it to us we can produce custom designs for a reasonably competitive price. To help those of you who are just starting out we have created a few simple practice sheets and some designs for you to try. In your usage, do not remove our signature or copyrite notice as this compromises our rights.

If you know an appropriate someone in your region or country, who is in the business of making and distributing bumper stickers, window decals, t-shirts, postcards or posters, please tell them about our images, and put them in touch with us. For all inquiries regarding copyrights, publishing rights, manufacturing, distribution, etc. We have airbrush tattoo stencils for temporary body art, tattoo stencils for quick outlining tattoo designs and stencils for decorating a cake, a motorcycle or even your walls.
These shapes re-occur throughout many henna patterns and can help you to build more complex designs as well as gain good control. Our easy cleaning stencils are cut with laser from high density plastics and come in powder blue.

We have various tribal tattoo stencils, rose and flower tattoo stencils, heart stencil tattoos, skull tattoo stencils, christian sticker stencils, animal henna stencils, lion tattoo stencils, angel airbrush stencils and a variety of other custom body art stencils for both temporary and permanent tattooing. We have a large variety of henna stencils, airbrush stencils, glitter tattoo stencils, tattoo stencils and the largest, cheapest selection of temporary tattoos on the internet. Our airbrush stencils are so much cheaper and better quality than all the rest because we manufacture our own.

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