Anyone who browses at high-??end health food stores has seen Alvita Tea packages, featuring their recog­nizable botanical water­color art on white, and the dark blue branding on the box layouts. I have done a lot of tradi­tional botanical water­colors with brush on paper in the distant past. An artist-in-residence blog about Tumamoc Hill, a natural preserve and historical landmark in Tucson. There are a huge number of species in this genus, from dwarf herbaceous shrubs to towering trees, and these plants grow in many regions of the world. Tropical hibiscus are native to the tropics, which means that they need to be grown in very warm climates such as those found in USDA zones 10 and 11. They will die back in the winter, especially in cooler climates, but they will return in the spring, especially if the roots are mulched over the winter to protect them from cold. The flowers typically have five petals that are flexed slightly, and they can come in a huge range of colors including bright red, orange, and purple.
They need to be pruned and shaped regularly to remove dead growth and keep them from sprawling, and they also require regular fertilization. You can’t help noticing them–the plants are so beautiful and appealing to the eye and the design so simple and elegant that it stands out among the other etas. I was pretty sure I could match the old Alvita style with my digital painting technique, but it took a little research. The plant with this name is often welcome in the garden because it has very large, showy flowers that come in an array of colors, and it sometimes also has a very delicate, pleasant scent that can be very enjoyable when a large cluster of plants is massed together.
These plants have especially large flowers, and they can be grown in the ground or in pots. Some examples include Rose of Sharon, red hibiscus, Chinese hibiscus, and African hibiscus. In the summer, the soil around the plants should be kept moist, while in the winter, it is advisable to back off on watering and fertilizing to encourage the plant to go slightly dormant so that it will not be damaged if there is a cold snap.
The dizzying array of colors that can be used for hibiscuses, along with their great ability to complement any design mean that they are everywhere!
While they can be grown indoors in cooler regions of the world with adequate climate control, they can be difficult to manage for gardeners who do not live in the tropics. People who do not want their hibiscus to die back may want to consider growing them in pots so that they can be moved indoors during the winter. Garden suppliers that stock these members of the mallow family tend to keep plants suitable for the zone the garden store is located in, and the staff can offer additional advice to customers who are unsure. When Alvita decided to add a child brand of organic teas to this line-??up, they called me to do the art, matching the water­color look of the previous packages. I’ve tried to design a brush I loved in photoshop, and I’m always asking other digital artists what they use. As a matter of fact you will find that many hibiscus tattoos though flowers on the whole are quite popular.
They didn’t want to alter a good thing, but to differ­en­tiate the organic brand, they used a green color instead of the blue.

Not only are plants always the best subjects, but I found the old pleasure of my opaque water­color style, but now using the Wacom tablet. Some like to get hibiscus in black and white as well.OriginThis flower originates from the Pacific and can be found in many different and vibrant colors. I had to let go a bit of my obsession with detail, allowing brush-??strokes to show, to make these plants more human­istic and, well, organic looking.
This fact reflects in the tattoo motifs too, with each color of the hibiscus flower meaning something different. Likewise the size of the hibiscus tattoo will also depend on the location and preference of the person who is getting it done.This black and white hibiscus is rather new as you can see from the red outlining the ink. Its delicate beauty means immortality in Korean culture, Whereas in Malaysia it means honor, life and bravery. Among the Chinese it means feminine things like purity, gentleness, good name and also riches.
There are more than 200 varieties of Hibiscus and the flower could come in colors like pink, red, white and orange.
In tattoos, the hibiscus can be made in lavender, green and blue too.2) This back tattoo is beautiful.
Keeping with this theme, it represents a cool and laid back way of life, which along with the immense beauty and diverse cultures are the things that we think in connection with Hawaii and other islands in the Pacific. Many people go for this tattoo along with other elements that are part of the Pacific based culture. You will find that no two hibiscus tattoos are quite the same, given the rich and diverse choices available. The classic American style tattooing done on this piece allows the tattoo to pop perfectly with defined and solid colors. The beautiful flowers are perfectly placed so to add to the woman, but not take the attention away from her. It’s wild and almost wilted which makes one wonder what the artist is trying to convey? The tribal art underneath was the original artwork and it looks fantastic paired with the flower. The overlapping of the tribal tattoo makes both parts stand out on their own all while accenting the other. Even those who want a tattoo for the look alone would like a hibiscus for its sheer beauty.
Given the variation in the sizes of the hibiscus tattoos it is suitable for being tattooed on any part of the body.5) Side pieces are so beautiful albeit painful. The way that the artist used black and greys in the perfect spots to create dimension and beauty is fantastic. You could easily inculcate other symbols of the Pacific or objects of tribal art into the hibiscus tattoo. You can add things like a hula skirt, or other things that are associated with the Pacific.

I believe that this simple yet beautiful tattoo embodies that saying.8) Another jaw dropping side piece that evokes such a sense of beauty. The details in the peddles and the vines in the background really bring this side piece together. The artist did a tremendous job with varying the shadows and the depths, causing the flowers to appear as if they are coming off her body. The flowing green background accents the flowers well and gives a whole new layer of depth to the tattoo.11) A bold red evokes passion and confidence. The slightly different reds that are within the flower make it look as if a photo of a flower was taken and placed on this persons arm. The way that the flower is at an diagonal angle makes it feel as if the flower is flowing down the leg. The bold, dark green leaves are not seen as often in such a dark color but it really looks beautiful.13) This is a classic tropical tattoo. I love the way that the flowers are a part of the shell and the legs of the turtle.14) Now this is a big, beautiful and colorful piece of art. The outlines on this piece are so well done that you can hardly tell that their are outlines. The words in this tattoo flow perfectly with the rest of the tattoo and do not take away from the flowers at all. This tattoo looks like it is a mix of Japanese traditional and new age style.15) The way that the flower effortlessly flows across the shoulder and back is magnificent.
As you take a step back and really look at this tattoo, you can appreciate the clock with roman numerals and the well placed solid blacks.
I wonder if the time on he clock has any sort of meaning to this person.16) this has a very artistic and unrealistic feel, the artist was obviously going for more a cartoonish look and they did a spectacular job. The bold choice of making the peddles in the background a dark almost black color is excellent. This is a very clever way to bring two different elements and mesh them into one tattoo.19) simple, bold, sweat sometimes is the way to go. The bold and solid colors give it definition to exactly what the tattoos is.20) Now this is a perfectly executed tattoo.
The slight shadows underneath the flower and on top of the flower peddle caused from the butterfly really show the attention to detail.21) All of the red and black really allow this tattoo to stand out.
This is a perfectly blended tattoo with eye catching color.25) this elegant and simple tattoo was very well done. ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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