Spiced Rum brand Sailor Jerry’s is opening a new multi-functional venue is Soho, London, on Thursday 19 April. The multifarious venue, called ‘Hotel Street’ after the eponymous and infamous district in Honolulu, will double as art gallery and shop by day, and “dive bar” by night.
Hotel Street is designed to pay homage to Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, father of the old-school American tattoo style, and all round mischief-maker. The shop will offer Sailor Jerry clothing and accessories, including T-shirts, jackets, hoodies and belt buckles, as well as elements from the new Hawaiian range.

After dark, the venue will become a bar, offering a range of rum cocktails, such as various types of Mules, Daiquiris, Mojitos as well as weekly specials, available from 12pm to 12am, Tuesdays – Sundays. Every week, Hotel Street will also double (or triple?) as a gig venue for rock ‘n’ roll and punk bands. This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 at 5:11 pmand is filed under Headline. The gallery will house 75 originals shown for the first time in Europe, and curated by the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum founder and tattooist Henk Schiffmacher.

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