Tattoo artist and body modifier Dave Hurban wanted to make a name for himself, and gosh did he succeed. This is what was happening when you got that "I Love Mom" tattoo — up close and in slow-motion. Bandaloop dancers Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber take waltzing vertical on the walls of Oakland City Hall. Popular, frowned upon, or even illegal, tattoos have a history going back to the earliest humans. Designed by a Japanese tattoo artist based on my vague instructions, I got it done last year in Goa, where I was practicing yoga for two months. A year or so later, I got my second one, a bird gliding in the wind, tattooed on my ribcage, just under my left breast.
Between my second and my third ink, there was a 15 year gap, which coincides with the time that I was studying at university and climbing up the corporate ladder.

Yaisa Nio is an ex-banker, ex-diving instructor, yoga teacher, amateur blogger, columnist at elephant journal, foodie, white wine lover, flexitarian and has been a global nomad for many years. The advice you absorb on this website is so amiable that I wouldn’t brainy paying to be able to access it. A video company called Cut has been producing a series called "100 Years of Beauty." The latest videoA is all about the changing standards of tattoos. Ironically, it seems the young lad keeps getting new tattoos to aggravate his dad so he can record his reactions of disgust. I wanted it to remind me of the endlessness of everything, of the need for more love, passion and spirituality in the world and of the eternal waves of the ocean. Free as a bird, I must have thought when I got it in Thailand, on Koh Phi Phi island, long before mass tourism discovered this little pearl in the Andaman Sea. In 2008 however, I quit all that and a year later, as I was coming back from a trip to Antarctica, I decided to get a tattoo done in Buenos Aires, where I had lived as teenager.

After seven years without a permanent address, she emigrated to Australia where she is now trying to find a compromise between eternal travels and blissful routine. Warriors in cultures across the world tattooed themselves as a kind of magic to protect them, give them strength, and help them defeat their enemies. If anything, it expressed that I wanted to be different—though not too much so and, of course, I could always hide it.
So I went all out: in plain sight on the top of my right foot, my favourite flower, the frangipani. You can find her latest blogs here or follow her random Yoga and other (non)-spiritual contemplations on the page Yoga Here & There.

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