We had an awesome time working for our clients in Sunnyvale, California. Our clients contacted us in hope to be able to tailor their homes functionality to covet not only their lifestyle but their pets as well. In our initial home design discussions, the clients had a preference to apply pastel colors on the walls.
Overall, this project was super fun as it gave us a lot to experiment with, and left us feeling satisfied, that we not only made a difference in our clients lives, but their pets as well. Between each partition are beautifully designed acrylic glass created by a local SF artist.
Ma’velous definitely brings back the essence of the 19th century due to its genuine space and delivers quality coffee sent to them by four different roasters and wine produced by various wineries. Today’s interior design inspiration is about chic vintage rooms with interesting color and pattern. With a high end retro look, this gorgeous bedroom in the palest of neutrals is all style, understated luxury and a bit of geometric pattern.
In a white on white on white living room with modern style, pattern and color play beautiful supporting roles.
A Thomas O’Brien Hicks modern pendant light is beautiful over a tiny brass and glass table in this chic vintage style workspace that can double as an intimate dining room for two. With a glamorous Old Hollywood feel, contemporary looks totally chic vintage in this Kelly Wearstler office space. With distinctive chic vintage style, this light filled airy living room is all about color and pattern yellow seating and a splashy blue and white rug in a bold graphic pattern. Korean artist Jee Young Lee creates highly elaborate scenes that require an incredible amount of patience and absolutely no photo manipulation. The rooms may not be move-in ready but its definitely a unique interior design inspiration.
Finding the right interior designer for your project takes time and there are many resources available to help you finalize your choices.
There are many search engines such as the Google, Yahoo, or even Bing where you can research interior designers on. Look up pictures in interior design or home remodeling magazines and they’ll have the name of the designer on the bottom of each pictures and their contact information. Many furniture showrooms, can connect you with their interior designer and help get you started.
Websites like Yelp and Houzz are great resources to research and find interior designer in your area. Once you have an idea of how you want to style your space or even if you don’t know how to approach it you can still go ahead and contact an interior designer of your choice. There is a variety of ways professional interior designers charge for their services depending on location. Hiring an interior designer is one of the most rewarding things in life because not only do they have the capability to transform your living space into your own realm but they see to it that your family, friends, and pets are excited to adapt to the change and enjoy every bit of it.
An Estate developed by Netconstruct Nigeria Limited, sprawled over 101 hectares and with over 1,500 units already occupied.

These are laser cut out and upon looking through, casts an imprint of the pattern, so that its even seen on the floor.
He threaded wires through bamboo sticks and covered them with reclaimed hand blown glass as his final touch. The owners ability to sustain the cafes legitimacy is what sets it apart from others and it is definitely worth visiting if you’re looking to have a marvelous time or just some interior design inspiration!
From pale neutrals to vibrant pinks and blues, these rooms show off a slightly glamorous vintage look we can’t resist. The pink hues are an unexpected mix, while the spiraling black and white rug is simply amazing. Aren’t you intrigued by the way the stripes on the sofa pillow mimic every color from the modern painting.
Leave us your comments below and stop by our blog for more home decor, contemporary floor lamps,and interior design inspirations! For weeks and sometimes months, the young artist works in the confines of her small 3 x 6 m studio bringing to life worlds that defy all logic. Setting up a consultation before hand is highly recommended and important so you understand the various fee structures and when you will be billed. Each one of them is more than willing to work with your budget regardless of how high or low it is and will do their best to help tailor your needs. You both share this intimate connection and have a special goal in common which is to revive whatever space needs to be worked on and bring it back to life. I believe you can always use not just one, but multiple colors in the same space as long as they work well together.
Sunnyvale is located in the serene sub-urban Dakwo District of the FCT, Abuja, five minutes away from the Games Village.
Then Ma’velous, located in the heart of San Francisco awaits you as a true interior design inspiration! His craft helped define the ambiance of the cafe and gave it a bit of a street feel in respect to its contemporary surroundings. The custom made acrylic glass is also used to fence the espresso machine which is protected and rests upon strips of wood from a California Walnut Tree. A fabulous place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from beautiful foyer lighting to stylish home accessories. Inspired by either her personal life or old Korean fables, they each have their own backstory, which of course, only adds to the intense drama. When you hire an interior designer you open up this range of infinite interpretations and turn your imaginations into actuality. It features enviable amenities and comfort which comprises a Shopping Mall, Community Sports Centre, dedicated Police Station and a recreational building.
Laminate flooring gives a hardwood flooring appeal and our clients would have fewer concerns about scratches on the floors. This 19th century building serves as an inspiration for the fermentation of exceptional tasting coffee and wine in respect to its modern interior.

The cafe’s private atmosphere is influenced by secret getaway passages created for customers who enjoy their solitude. The owner was glued to his vision of originality and even had the table tops made from the tree which had fallen in its territory and was made use of. We are going to tell you the perks of hiring an interior designer and maintain your budget. They aspire to help you turn your dream space into reality and will go to far depths to make it happen.
New tiles for the entrance and brand new laminate floors were installed in the main living space. Ma’velous brews up a special recipe when it comes to its decor and its key ingredient is originality.
Most of the interior set in the cafe is made up of reclaimed material and the back of the cafe and counter tops have remain untouched till this day.
The patterns consists of crocodile designs which vary from green, gold, and red which also played off the color of fruits in their assorted stages. The more information you give the better in order to help accommodate your desired outcome. Claudia Juestel, an interior designer in San Francisco took full advantage of creating a space fit for coffee and wine lovers to be satisfied in simultaneously. The wooden tiles on the floor are made up of 60% recycled material which the SF chronicle designed themselves. Interior designers love to give their input and you’ll be surprised at how many compliments you receive based on their perspective. With bold colors on the walls we kept the furniture neutral, in order to add balance and refrain from over powering the room.
Last but not least, we left lots of common area for the cute cats to play around in – making it a perfect home design which was super pet friendly. The owner of the cafe wanted to depict fruit in different stages ranging from semi-ripe to ripe and then the fruit converting into the beverage it was made for.
Which is why the idea of adding partitions came into play and gave the cafe a more intimate vibe. Claudia beautifully interpreted that and transformed the ceiling into an espresso colored oval shaped dome which also helped camouflage the exposed sprinkler pipes. Since Ma’velous is located near the opera, symphony, and art related entertainment, it was must to integrate material related to the fine arts. Books and magazines of various genres such as dance, photography, and art poke out from the dividers eager to be read and devoured.

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