The adorably-named Rosebud, Pearl and Tandem tiny houses are each fully outfitted with sleeping, living and kitchen areas.
The owners of the Caravan Tiny House Hotel hope to showcase small living, and give their guests a unique experience, inspiring them to live more modestly.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Now is your chance to try the small space movement on for size by spending the night at Portland’s Caravan Tiny House Hotel. The caravan is centered around a common area that includes outdoor and covered seating, hammocks, barbeque and a fire pit, for a rustic experience with outdoor fun. Made from locally-sourced pine walls and featuring cork floors, the interior feels like a cozy cabin, with sleeping areas doubling as pillow-filled window seats. The hotel is made up of three teeny tiny houses, which provide cozy accommodation for guests in the city’s Alberta Arts District. The Rosebud is the medium-sized accommodation—at 120 square feet it sleeps two and has a window seat with storage for keeping travel belongings out of the way. The tiny Pearl is only 90 square feet, and saves on space with a combined toilet and shower, as well as a dinette that converts to a bed, and a sleeping loft for up to three people.

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