Home inspection, painting estimating and art gallery, Devwave's products include home inspection software for professional home inspectors, construction estimating software and art gallery software with integrated tools .. Design x manufacturing inc - salon furniture, Suppliers of salon equipment including styling chairs and stations, reception desks, manicure tables, hair dryers, pedicure stations, spa equipment and mirrors..
Weber Design Group Designer of quality custom home plans, available for purchase online - Located in Southwest Florida. Design X Manufacturing Inc - Salon Furniture Suppliers of salon equipment including styling chairs and stations, reception desks, manicure tables, hair dryers, pedicure stations, spa equipment and mirrors. Located in Mankato just minutes from the Madison Avenue shopping areasituated against a back drop of mature trees. Located just east of the new city water park in Wasecaand literally at the woods edgeWith beautiful views of farmland and undeveloped nature area.
Andreozzi Architects recently completed an inspiring Tea House on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island.

Founded in 1988, Andreozzi Architects specializes in historically based residential architecture expressive of its sense of place, attentive to its detail and proportion, and timeless in its beauty.
Andreozzi Architects is a unique team of design-oriented architects driven by a passion for creating elegant architectural solutions that address our client's needs and desires in ways that are innovative, respectful of tradition and craft, yet respective of budget. Everyone at Andreozzi Architects works in small groups in direct partnership with David Andreozzi throughout all phases of the architectural process. David Andreozzi is the current Vice President of the New England Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. We work with designers and commercial establishments to provide elegant furnishings for rustic spaces. Rustic Restaurant Booths Rusticraft Furniture Designs can provide custom rustic restaurant booths in any size, style, design or wood type.
The size of a project or cost per square foot is irrelevant in our quest to produce successful projects.

David’s hand is part of every aspect of every project from the overall proportions of the facades to the details of the moldings on the mantles. Commissions exist from Commonwealth Avenue, to the shores of New England, to the Bahamian Islands. In addition to that role of leadership, David is personally spearheading CRANtv, an internet based series of viral videos that educate the public on the importance of good design and the role of the Architect, which received national accolades.

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