Here is a highlight of some major ideas that can influence greatly how to design your home. Well, these home design ideas definitely put you in a more informed position to plan for the outlook of your home. As a matter of safety, take into account the resale value of the house with the exterior design that you have selected. Traditional designs include the Ranch, Saltbox, Federal, Colonial, Georgian and Cape Cod style.
Victorian homes are customary; however have solid historical backgrounds with complex rooflines using turrets, eyebrows, bays, and towers as well as formers windows.
Even though the five home designs are the most popular, there are a lot of other designs to select from. Just choose the right kind of home design that best fits in your environment as well as with your taste.
Featuring a beautiful Kerala house plan with an estimate of 20 lakhs which is at an  area of 1500 sq.ft. Having various people with conflicting ideas living in the same home is at times an advantage because numerous ideas are contributed towards how the home should look. This is because they are experienced enough to evaluate your plan and tell you how workable it is.

For instance, if you live in a very rainy area with frequent electricity outages, consider installing solar panels to provide power during such times. Despite the fact that the design fits in with other houses in the neighborhood, you can still redesign it to suit your taste.
This may be an imperative worth concern if at any point you come to a decision to sell the house. The features of this design include a wrap-around veranda or large front, which is generally enclosed. This style is generally found with gallant geometric shapes, shuttered windows, and ornamental trims, rooflines that vary from flat to extremely vertical and large quantities of glass. Just mention a few, these designs include French or French Country, Craftsman, Tudor, Italianate, European, among others. Do not over stuff the house with unnecessary pieces of furniture or electronics at the expense of denying your little ones their much need right to play in and out of the house. Really, it is pointless not to consult them and end up selecting a design that does not impress.
They are also in a better decision to estimate the amount of money that the whole process will take, besides recommending other professional firms that can deliver the best furniture, electronics and power for your home. The five common home designs in the market at this time include Country, Contemporary, Victorian, Traditional as well as Mediterranean.

The roofline runs laterally with a vertical pitch and frequently dormer panes and gabled wings.
Stucco, courtyards, roofs with tiles, low-pitched rooflines, enclosed balconies or lanais, open-air porches, and extensive overhangs are the major characteristics of these houses.
It takes investment of time, effort and money to design your home the way you want it to be. Chances are that they will they will live uncomfortably in the home because it is not designed as they could have wished. Put correctly, the reason for leaving space for future expansion is to accomplish what you might not achieve now. Such kind of localities would be beaches, vacation quarters, mountain ranges and narrow lots. There are numerous home design ideas that you have to look into before making that all-important decision to build or redesign a home.

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