View thousands of bad tattoo jobs, funny tattoos and some other crazy stuff that will blow your mind. So I have to say that this is a tattoo that commemorates the only good movie that David Spade did without Chris Farley. This is kind of a clever tattoo, but you have to really love giraffes to have this permanently put on your body. These Are Some Of The Coolest, Creative, Spacy, Loopy & Trippy Bus Stops You’ll Ever See!
That being said, it was hardly the image that any sane person would have inked on themselves. While some of us get tattoos done for decorative reasons, others get tattoos for commemorative reasons or because it is a part of their culture.
One must think that the person who had this tattoo put on their body is someone almost the same as Joe Dirt himself. Foot Rib Wrist Back…sharon on Old Lady with Full Body Tattoossharon on Old Lady with Full Body TattoosZaK on How bad do tattoos hurt?
This just goes to prove that tattoos can be very special but sometimes things go horribly wrong and THIS happens! While it is an extremely valid fear to have, especially when getting your first tattoo, it is something that you can control if you know exactly how to prepare yourself. I am sure that you could find an artist to do a good one, and you really should do your homework if you are going to head down this path. First and foremost, to avoid the concept of horrible tattoos, you should always have the design work drawn out for you before the session begins. Secondly, it is a good idea to put your tattoo artist through a sense of an interview before you actually book the session.

However, there are plenty of different aspects of what causes a tattoo to become a nightmare.
Of course, an artist that is less than talented will play a vital role in how your ink comes out.
Your tattoo designs should look as realistic as possible, even when using fantasy elements.The line work of the tattoo will also play a vital role in the overall quality of the tattoo design.
Just because a person can draw and showcase their creativity and artistic talent, does not mean that they can create an amazing tattoo. While you need to be able to draw in order to tattoo, it is very possible to be able to draw and not be able to tattoo. It is harder than you would think to draw from the various angles of the surface area with a tattoo gun and on skin nevertheless.Many horrible tattoos are also created due to the lack of attention to details. For example, tattoos that incorporate statues or portraits will need to include details of the body, face, hands and shadowing that makes the design look real. While it is okay to give your tattoo artist a bit of creative freedom when it comes to the details, you should always be as specific as possible to avoid any potential error that can occur. Keep in mind that what you consider a small tattoo, may not be the artists’ definition of small. Using thick lines when thin should be used can also cause a horrible tattoo to be born!When it comes to the actual design, you may want to keep in mind that some tattoo artists are better at a specific style than others.
If you are looking for a new school type of tattoo, you should make sure that the artist you choose does not have an old fashion design style. For example, many tattoo artists are amazing at what they do but may not be able to visualize certain design features. This can be a surefire way to get a horrible tattoo if the tattoo artist does not know what you want.

This is where having the drawing done becomes vitally important.Using pictures to show the tattoo artist what you want is always a good idea.
Be a back up as well, this way you are able to show the tattoo artist exactly what you like and more importantly, exactly what you don’t like. When having a portrait tattoo done, especially for a loved one or from a photograph, you should be very specific. This will ensure that the memorial tattoo you are looking to create does not become a horrible tattoo that you will regret. Horrible tattoos can and will be caused by a tattoo not matching the contour of your natural body. For women, this is often the case because the body experiences so many different life changes. When choosing your tattoo design, be sure to account for how the tattoo will stretch and modify when you gain or lose weight or become pregnant.It is your body. When getting a tattoo you should always ensure that you build a relationship or good vibe with your tattoo artist. This will ensure that the creative juices between the two of you are constantly flowing and that you understand what each other is trying to do. It will also open up the opportunity to ensure you do not get a horrible tattoo just because there was some type of miscommunication between the two of you!Here are some more horrible tattoos that will help you decide what to stay away from and how to tell your artist before you book your next tattoo session.

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