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It should cover about 25% or more of the bottom of the hoof and be in contact with the ground in order to cushion the force of impact to the navicular bone, coffin bone, and deep digital flexor tendon of the leg.
Blood located in the digital cushion of the hoof just above the frog is compressed with each step and pumped back up the leg, actually aiding the heart in moving blood.  A horse whose frog is healthy is less likely to experience leg problems and lameness.
The sole of the hoof is the layer of tissue surrounding the frog.  When it maintains good contact with the ground, it is a deep cushion layer with a smooth surface.
Front and rear hooves are identical in the foal but markedly different in the adult horse due to variation of use. The spongy, mossy, feathery growth on the bottom of this newborn’s hoof will disappear in a couple of days of walking. Slow changes in hoof shape occur under any consistent change in a horse’s movement patterns.
Sore or improperly tended feet can change a horse’s movement patterns and result in pathological hoof changes that could persist throughout life. Horses with inherently poor hoof conformation such as thoroughbreds frequently suffer from quarter cracks. If found, a quarter crack should be tended to immediately, as leaving it to erode further can lead to severe damage. One bit of advice you might hear around the barn is if a horse isn’t in full work, its a good idea to cut back on feed. If your horse’s weight is ideal or a bit light, you’ll want to utilize a maintenance feeding program that follows proven guidelines based on your horses’ ideal weight. Another factor in feed adjustment decisions, is the quality of your horses’ hoof and coat condition. The upper limit of the hoof is called the coronet band from which the walls of the outer portion descend.

Care of the feet should encourage keeping the frog as large, ground covering, and cushioning as possible.
When seen on a shod horse whose sole does not touch the ground it can appear crumbly and unhealthy. At first both front and rear are round.  As walking and movement increase, the rear hooves generally take on a more oval shape. That is why it is so critical to keep the hooves in good shape and to keep the horse’s movement as natural as possible. Cases that threaten to penetrate into the soft tissues will take considerable expertise to add stabilization to the hoof so that the new wall tissue can grow out intact. There are pictures and diagrams to help you with knowing all the different parts of a hoof. Here are a few particularly awesome items for horse and rider we stumbled upon on the site.
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An overweight horse can develop expensive health problems that won’t occur if ideal weight is maintained during a lower activity timeframe.

The walls are very strong and elastic and devoted to dissipating the energy of concussion.  As the walls of a barefoot horse grow, they will self-trim by breaking or chipping off to keep the hoof in proper shape. It is triangular in shape, the base of the triangle located at the heel and the top pointing toward the toe of the hoof.
They are most often caused by dry hooves, poorly trimmed or shod feet, or an injury to the coronet that results in a weak spot that grows abnormally.
Some of those expensive health problems include laminitis, fat deposits in the liver (hepatic lipidosis), joint problems, equine diabetes, and Cushing’s syndrome. If your horse falls short in this regard, it’s a good idea to involve your vet in the feed cutting or increasing decision before you run into hoof deterioration problems after the fact. However, horses kept with shoes or in artificial confinement must have their feet trimmed to maintain the optimum shape. But these Country Cowgirl Horse High Heel Shoes are a must for any horse girl with a shoe fetish. This is because the rear hooves are used to propel the horse forward and so the point helps the hoof dig into the ground to provide more push.Side View of the HoofWeightbearing - The True Role of the Wall And SoleContrary to popular belief, the hoof wall should not be the only structure to bear the weight of the horse. This is called peripheral loading and it puts way too much stress on the laminar connection and has a dramatic effect on the blood supply to the hoof. Our Easyboot Glove boots will only accomodate the 6mm pads so the close fit is not compromised.Nancy Fredrick EasyCare Office ManagerAs the office manager, I make sure the general operations of the organization run smoothly and seamlessly from A to Z. I have been on the EasyCare team since 2001 and have first hand product knowledge as my horses are barefoot and booted.

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