Girls often make their horse tattoos more feminine by adding bright colours to it and making their horse’s gender more evident. Also make sure the artist gets the anatomy, tack, ect exactly right on the sketch before it goes on your body.
A good friend of mine, who is not a horse person, has a horse as a part of his full sleeve.
Most horse tattoos I have seen are pretty tacky, but I also find most small, easily hidden tattoos to be tacky. I had debated hotly between this guy and the jumper she did, but decided I wasn't as fond of the neck on the jumper, and it wouldn't quite utilize the shape and space of my back as well.
I'm planning a 3rd (and larger) set for my back of 3 horses in a stylized fashion, one jumper, one dressage horse and one XC horse. Utilizzare parti: Puo essere utilizzato in la pelle, ceramica metallo, vetro e altre superfici.
3) Premere saldamente sul tatuaggio pelle pulita e asciutta con il disegno rivolto verso il basso. 4) Tenere panno bagnato contro lo schienale del tatuaggio, premere verso il basso e assicurarsi di bagnare a fondo. E 'di alta qualita con disegni di moda che sono falsi, ma guarda reale sulla pelle, sono impermeabili al 100% e puo durare fino a 7 giorni.

Keep it simple is what she mus have thought… She definitely loves wild horses, running around and the tattoo-artist didn’t do a bad job either! This horse is not only a skilled unicyclist, it’s also a gentleman, as evidenced by the suspended top hat. You can choose to get just a horse head as your tattoo, keeping the head black but making the mane coloured. While he thought it was very cool I wanted a tattoo, he warned me a couple of years ago when I first started thinking about it to wait and make sure I kept coming back to wanting what I wanted.
The sun was taken from a piece done during the French Renaissance and the horses were inspired by a Da Vinci sketch. I would suggest actually designing your tattoo yourself, along with your tattoo artist (and make sure you put alot of thought into choosing your artist..
It's still in need of major work - we added some other things around it and, rather than finishing the horse first and THEN adding, the artist decided to go ahead with the other stuff and finish the horse later. Allegata alla vita, torace, collo, braccia, schiena, gambe, bikini, incollare qualsiasi posizione si desidera, e anche possibile coprire cicatrici, ecc.
Although she changed the red colors she probably expressed her patriotism, or just the fact she loves those horses…. I’m not quite sure what part of the body we’re looking at, but I am sure that I don’t really want to know.

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I love my artwork (he actually has a similar horseshoe, which I've always LOVED, and he helped the artist- a friend- make it perfect). I've had it well over a year, and I still get very, very happy when I see it (usually in the shower, this time of year!
I am personally not a fan of any horse tattoos that are just a black outline with no shading or anything which seems to be alot of them.. I'm guessing there's at least another 8 or so hours of work left to be done - the work in the picture was about 5 hours in.

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