Time is the most precious asset in life which, if invested wisely, yields great returns and can make you highly successful. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Dice Tattoos, Broken Heart Tattoos, Chopper Tattoos and Disney Tattoos. This small hourglass is there to sing into the ears of the wearer the constant slithering of sand. Back hourglass tattoo with wings and roses, carved in the center, looks elegant and majestic.
This hourglass tattoo with a green leaf in the middle and a chain around it looks very bright and lively. The hourglass with an eye symbolizes the importance of sticking to schedules and being on time. The hourglass with sand drooping from it in between the two halves presents a sober picture. A beautiful hourglass with two black roses looks fantastic and makes for a cool forearm tattoo. Hourglass with a skull and clover leaf in the two halves with blood oozing from them looks frightening. This arm tattoo of hourglass has been carved to convey the continuous moving nature of time.

Time is a great healer, this seems to be the message of the lines inscribed on the colorful hourglass.
The hourglass tattoo is an expression of the great wonder life that keeps on moving with time.
The musician with a guitar in his hand looking at the hourglass stands for the waning popularity he is experiencing. Hourglass tattoo on foot stands for the fact that a man must alway keep track of time and walk with it.
This hourglass with dark wings curled around it is a reminder of death that is inevitable in our life time. The vibrant red poppy flowers surrounding the hourglass look attractive and have a heady feel. An hourglass on the wrist beating with the pulse symbolizes that time is passing away with each beat.
This hourglass with a human heart on top and skull below into which blood is dripping is an indicator of death. This hourglass with a liner means that there is much time left in life and should be spent wisely. The beautiful dagger piercing the hourglass stands for the waste of time we indulge in which could be used in a productive way otherwise.

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The most amazing thing is that all of us possess an equal amount of this resource and it is always available but keeps on running away. Therefore, the tattoo makes for an aesthetic piece too, which accentuates the appeal of the particular part where it has been carved. To give expression to the phenomenon, people get hourglass tattoo carved on their body parts. It is a way of conveying and reminding that time is constantly ticking away and must be spent wisely. If you are also mesmerized with the phenomenon called time and want to give it a shape, you can find cool ideas and inspirations from here.

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