For competition footage (especially distance runners) try to film at one meet where they are running out in front so we get a good view of running style and body carriage, then film another more competitive race where we can evaluate race strategy.
The highlight video for your NCSA Recruiting Profile is meant to attract initial interest and allow for initial evaluation. Tape from a low height and record through all phases of block work (mark, set, release, push, drive and acceleration phase). Critical to this event is foot placement consistency so show a variety of skills and competition footage to demonstrate this skill. It is critical to get the drive phase and position of hips and arms up to and over the bar.
With Vaulters, make sure you are filming from both the back of the pit to show the runway approach as well as the side to show positioning in the air.

An aerial view is especially good for the shot and discus as it allows coaches to see the rotation of the throw. For the 300 or 400 hurdles, film from the stands, so as to see lane efficiency while racing this event.
Include close-ups of arm carriage and foot placement while racing on the track (run the shortest distance by hugging the inside lane).
Introducing the NCSA Athletic Recruiting AppDownload the NCSA Athletic Recruiting App for iPhone and Android for free. Get evaluated by a professional recruiting expert and find out what college programs you might qualify for. This week, Abby from Just a girl and her blog shared a tutorial that I think a lot of my readers will love.

If you want a chance at getting your blog featured at OPAAT, make sure to link up every week! Thank you for hosting this lovely link party, I recently discovered your beautiful blog and immediately had to subscribe to not miss your posts! Coaches may still want to see you compete in person or view unedited video to fully evaluate your abilities.

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