The tattoo artist s black book - slideshare, The tattoo artist s black book 15,717 my name is rich lemay and i am a "tattoo artist." i have been if the bacteria has been there long enough for.
I also do almost all kinds of piercings and do not hesitate to ask if you want tips and advice about your piercing!
Our Artist Spotlight is with Dongkyu Lee, better known as Qtattoo of Forever Young Ink in Toronto, Canada. I have majored in Art from the University and decided to be a tattoo artist while I was serving in the army.
I did super traditional apprenticeship at this local tattoo studio in Tattoo Korea for a year. It is still illegal in Korea, meaning a lot of obstacles to go over as a tattoo artist in Korea.
I would have to say Robert Hernandez, Paul Cezanne, Andy Warhol, Rick Owens has influenced my art.

I’d like to attend as much as I can since I am a tour artist I plan the tour based on the good conventions, Nix Convention in Toronto will be my very next one.
I will try to get to meet more great artists around the world to get inspired more which is very crucial steps for me to be a better artist and would love to open a collective art studio in Korea to work on more tattoo with other pop cultural aspects, now I have a blueprint for it and going to work on the plan specifically towards to the end of this year. Qtattoo is originally from Seoul, South Korea and has been taking the tattoo community by storm.
However the whole game and the industry in making their move to be certified by government and it seems like making the movements at the moment.
I like all kind of tattoos but my preferred type of art is portraits and realistic motives in both color and black and grey. As I am a tour artist at this stage, I am okay with the regulations but really look forward to see the difference next year or two in Korea. The magazines named it “bubble girlie” style a few years back.What inspires you as an artist?Happiness in my life, my husband, kids, and travels.What other media do you work in?

I love to do collages!What tattoo artists do you admire most?I think my biggest influence has always been Jime Litwalk.
There’s so much more that I love bits and pieces of, but he’s definitely my biggest influence.What kind of tattoos do you look forward to doing?Fun, bright, and happy.Is there anyone that you would like to tattoo?I would love to tattoo every big girl in the world and add to their beauty! Meet them; make sure they mesh with you.Is there a tattoo that you haven’t done yet that you are dying to do?I would love to do an ’80s girlie cartoon sleeve—Jem and Rainbow Brite have made me who I am today!

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