One-word tattoos may be simple but they can carry out meaning that reveals one’s personality.
In comparison to other types of tattoos, word tattoos differ in prices based on some factors. Word tattoos can be composed of a single word, a phrase, or a quote from a favorite book or movie. As for the aftercare procedures needed to make your tattoo look good for the years to come, your tattoo artist will give the instructions right after it is done.

Aside from the tip that you may consider giving to the tattoo artist, you need to take into consideration the costs that accompany with redoing the tattoo.
Placement of the tattoo.  Like traditional tattoos, the location of the tattoo is a big determinant of how long the procedure will take. The tattoo print must not be spaced too close together as this may turn out to be a blob of ink in later years. Place the word or quote tattoos in parts of the body that will have the least change over the years such as the ankles, lower back, inner wrists, down the spine, shoulder, and neck.

The tattoo artist doing your tattoo must wear gloves any time he touches broken skin and should change his gloves regularly. Aside from looking for a reputable tattoo shop that offers affordable price for quality work, you should know the proper care for their tattoo.

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