The World’s Only Tattoo School welcomes students from all over the United States & the WORLD! NEW students are eligible to receive a special discount of $1,000 OFF tuition fees & FREE dorm room! NEW students are eligible to receive $400 OFF tuition fees & 3 FREE nights in a student dorm room! Please call (318) 918-8904 with any questions or to sign up for our October 2015 Body Piercing class!

NEW students are eligible for $1,000 OFF tuition fees & 14 FREE nights in a student dorm room! Please call our enrollment office at (318) 918-8904 with any question or to register for our October 2015 tattoo class! Artistic Tattoo Learn everything you need to know about artistic tattooing to begin your professional career.
Body Piercing Perform a variety of procedures in this course and earn your entry into the top ranks.

Permanent Make-upExpand your skills and get prepared to do all the modern cosmetic tattoo procedures.

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