I know that different places will charge different amounts and details, color, size also play a part, but I’m asking overall. If you go into a place knowing the piece you would like (upwards of $150-300 for a backpiece) and have, say, $200 on you and a friend that would like a tattoo as well, you may get it. Ask if the artist has pictures of some of the work they’ve done in the past, this can help to see if you like their style. As for pricing on a single, go-in-alone-and-ask piece, it could be astronomical depending on the artists ego. Also dont be afraid to have them draw the tattoo out on paper multiple times until they get it just right. Some famous tattoo artists have people come from all over the world to see them and so they can charge prices many people simply cannot afford, these artists are usually found in major cities like London, LA, New York etc.

In your average city or town you will be able to find reputable tattoo artists that have a great body of work behind them for much cheaper, just make sure you do your research first, a cheap tattoo artist is probably cheap for a reason!There are two general pricing methods when it comes to tattoos. Most tattoo studios will have both methods in effect and both methods have both pros and cons.How Much Does A Tattoo Cost?Hourly FeeMost custom artwork will be charged by the hour.
This is nearly always the case with large pieces that take multiple sessions to finish or anything that requires freehand.
A shops hourly rate is determined on many factors such as operating costs, artists time, quality of the artists and various other things.
Some shops charge as little as $50 per hour while others may be as much as $250!Flat FeeThis is the method often used when pricing flash (pre-designed art you will find on the studio walls).
While it is known as a flat fee the price can still vary a little depending on many factors such as:SizeThis is obvious really, the larger the tattoo you decide to have the more it will cost you.

With a flash tattoo you may still add or omit parts and so this can mean the price varies.ColorA simple one-color tribal design will cost much less than the exact same tattoo in multiple colors.
The more colors the more expensive the tattoo will be, bare this in mind when you are choosing a tattoo.ConclusionHow much does a tattoo cost?
If you are being charged hourly ask your tattooist how long it will roughly take to finish so you have a good understanding of what the final price will likely be. Finally….NEVER, EVER, go to a tattooist just because they are cheap, it can only lead to regret!

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